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a poem....I hope you like.....I wrote it for you :0)

this poem I wrote for you all to see

I hope it helps you to see the real me

the me that hopes to make you smile

and maybe forget about your anxieties for a little while

for everyday the sun does rise

even if behind the clouds it likes to hide

and every night the stars do shine

take it from me this is a sign

that when you look and see those stars

I'm there too right where you are

as so many others are there too

you're not alone we are there with you

please don't be afraid of who you are

you are amazing and beautiful, the best by far

learn to love yourself as I have done

I look at my passed and see how I've grown

it took along time, easy it was not

but then I discovered what I had is a lot

I got lost in emotions but made myself strong

but don't get me wrong it wont be for long

and on those days I awake feeling blue

I will turn to this page and the support of you

see when I'm alone and all my babies sleep

I write poems no one sees but I keep

to show you this is a big step

but it shows my confidence is growing in depth

and its through your support I started to believe

that I could overcome anything and really achieve

all of my goals are now in sight

happiness and well being oh what a delight

time to pass that strength back on down the line

to all of you with love my new found beautiful friends of mine x

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:) lovely poem xxx


That is so meaning full , you have described everything , I see a little talent there ;-)

Was lovely to read





What a beautiful poem,


that is lovely, thankyou :)


Really put a smile on my face :-D and set me up for a positive day . Thank you x


Lovely poem. Xxxx


Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments. It means alot xxx




that was so lovely it made me gulp. your very talented. x


How kind of you, you made me smile, didn't think that was going to happen today so Thankyou again xxxxx lovely poem, keep up the good work, what's your favourite poem? Mine is The Raven xxx


Oh yes Edgar Allan Poe,a great poem


You are all so lovely. Thankyou so much xxx

Im so glad i could make you smile and it really is my pleasure xxx

I dont really read other peoples work except julia donaldson lol she is a childrens author but me and my children love her books. I know every word to room on the broom :-)

How ever i might just have to read the raven now xx


Such a touching poem. It gives me hope as I struggle right now xx thank you


Wow!! This really is a very good poem.You have a talent here :-)


fantastic , just read it out for my wife it has made our day. thank you,xx


Well done thats a beautiful poem and so true :) x x x


Oh my im at work reading all these wonderful comment and nearly crying!

Thankyou all soo much xxxx


Amazing, what a beautiful person. xx


Just read your lovely poem I am going to print it out (if I may) and carry it with me so when I feel low I can take it and read it and enjoy the feeling that I am not alone, Bless you its so beautiful. xx


Awwwe bless ya of course you can xxxx


Anyone who wishes to print or share it is very welcom after all i wtote it for you :-) xxx


Thank you. I think this is a very clever and perceptive, just what I need . I will print it .....and I will, a and do look at the stars very comforting to know that I am sharing this..keep putting pen to paper ,you have a gift.xxxx madga


Very thoughtful poem and thought provoking. Congratulations


Oh this is beautiful. I love it and thank you so much for writing it and sharing. I'll definitely be having another read when im feeling a bit lonely. You have a real talent and a warm heart. Thanks again x


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