believe in your self

believe in your self

believe in your self that u can do this i have learned a lot throw out the years with anxiety and depression and how it can affect your life if u let it get worse i been on and off tablets some never worked some gave me bad side affects and my doctor did not want to give me no more he gave up on helping me to find tablets that worked for me so i gave up too and i should have not done that it was a bad mistake that now i regret a hell off a lot as my anxiety and depression just got worse i could no longer cope and my life was no longer the same after that dont give up on looking for help for your mental health even if your doctor gives up on u dont give up on your self like i did i lost a lot and learned a lot be good to your self and believe in your self

help your self its your life so fight for it dont give up even when it gets hard i been throw the most drakes times with my mental health but iam turning my life around its my life so iam going to fight for it and not let my mental health win over me again dont give up on your self fight for your life back it will take time but little by little u will start to feel better and yes we will have are bad days but we just have to keep going .....


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  • glitterangel03, my sentiments exactly. Believe in yourself. May your wishes and dreams be waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. x

  • thank you

  • Thanks glitterangel03! A nice hopeful messsge for all of us there!😊

  • Belief in yourself is the thing that will get you through it all, always believe that you are here to be happy and that your life will change for the better. There is no other way to get through it all other than you believing that you will make it.

  • Great message. Brought me to tears as I am currently in a rough patch with this and feel like I am back to square one with the fear of everything and death. Can't focus.

  • its really hard when we get better and then we fall again but just have to keep standing up stay strong your a fighter just have to remember that

  • Thanks for sharing. I hope you find luck in the end of the rainbow :) beautiful

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