My new fear please advise

Hope all is ok haven't written in a while my new fear is I have polycinthemia Vera I google yesterday on elevate red blood cells and even though my hemotogist said not to over react here I go again one of the symptoms was itchy so now I feel itchy someone please help sometimes I just can't and if I open up to my family they just tell me to put in the back of my mind easy said I was doing good only taking a Xanax once a week now I took one yesterday and again this morning when does this worrying stop just need some advice please


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  • Hello

    Give yourself time because it does get better but as well help yourself and keep of Google :-o

    When we worry over our health Google is the worse thing you can look at

    It always says the worse scenario and it cannot examine you do tests on you but your doctors can and have so put your trust in them and next time you get the urge to ask Google who is there to give you more anxiety resist because it is one small way to help yourself -)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you I'm really going to try that I think I should delete google from my phone and really start trusting what the hemotogist said not to freak I find even I'm getting pissed off at myself just took a Xanax see if I relax a bit back a couple of months I wouldn't even take it but now I'm just tired of feeling anxious and than starts the worrying thank U for your reply I even get a bit depressed when I don't get any advice which is silly ☺️

  • Well I have learned I have to STOP GOOGLING!!! I feel a bit better if I stop!!! Hang in there! -hugs-💛

  • Thanks I know google is a bad thing

  • I just know it is a trigger for me

  • Hi Oliveira, my 26y.o. daughter has been diagnosed with this as well. After seeing 2 rheumatologists who didn't know what it was, she was diagnosed by a hematologist.

    I don't quite understand it myself except for seeing the itching that she gets as well as her feet getting hot and swollen. The doctor did say that the red blood cells were elevated. She has many health issues but doesn't seem to react to them because she doesn't suffer from anxiety disorder. She won't see a doctor. My point of view is that when we suffer with anxiety, we are hit with a double whammy. You are in good hands with having a hematologist oversee this condition but you do need help with the worry and acceptance of this diagnosis. I wish you well.

  • Thank you the anxiety does not help at all he told me not to worry that I just need to monitor once in awhile try did all the blood work but of course I worry and check google and make it much worse I need to learn to stop the google before I even checked I didn't feel itchy now all of a sudden I feel it once in awhile I'm just so tired of feeling like this always with panic other than that I feel fine I work I go out I just don't understand it I was also told I'm hitting menopause wondering it that makes it much worse ugh

  • Nearing menopause may make the anxiety worse with the fluctuations of the hormones. Maybe your OBG might have some suggestions. As for the polycinthemia

    instead of goggling there is an organization that sends updated info which I believe is

    more credit worthy. My daughter receives that several times a year. There seems to be a spectrum of all ages who have this.

  • Thank you thank you means a lot to get a feed back from someone that understands xoxo all the best to your daughter and thank god she doesn't have anxiety

  • Thank you dear and my best to you as well. Keep us posted.

  • Sorry to bother u hope your having a good day first quick question does your daughter take any meds for the blood

  • Hi Oliveira, I am more than happy to answer any question you might have. No, she is not on any meds at all. She addresses the issue with cold compresses and elevating her feet when they swell and/or get itchy. I mentioned that she does not see a doctor but that's because she is anorexic and fears they may put her in the hospital for that.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I'm here

    anytime you need a friend. :)

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