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Fear of the new year

Hey guys! I haven't written a post in a little while but I have been on here talking to you guys. I hope you all are very well and excited for 2017. So basically I just need to get off of my chest that I used to be so excited for the new year to start. I used to love making New Years resolutions and plans and everything when I was my normal self, now I'm so afraid of a new year, like can't stop thinking the worst, always afraid of something happening to me. When I was my normal self I NEVER had these thoughts. And it's so depressing that I can't be happy and excited the way I used to be. Always fearful, it so debilitating and I don't know what to do.. the beginning of this year was my first time having this and this is another new year and feeling it again. I'm so sad about it... like I just want to be normal again.. I see everyone excited and happy and I get so envious wishing I could feel that way again. I really don't know what to do

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Oh man, I feel you. I've had one rough year of nothing but heightened anxiety so I can't help but feel worried that the new year will be just as bad or even worse. I suppose it's just the fear of the unknown but it's still pretty darn scary! All we can do is hope that 2017 will at least be an improvement because we're not all psychics who can predict what's to come. So hang in there! And remember, there are plenty of people like you feeling this way as well.


I know what you mean RyRywifey , I've had a bad year also. Can't help wonder what's going to get me next. Do you ever feel afraid to be happy? If I let my guard down, something will give me a kick to remind me! I love writing New year's resolutions also. Don't usually keep them, but enjoy thinking on them.😁😁😁 Happy New year to you. May it be a better year for everyone...Ruby🌹

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I for one cant even remember the last time i was genuinely happy; most probably early 1990s,how pathetic is that.


Hi Jobberpw , That is indeed sad. You must have suffered some really bad times.Maybe you can start the new year out with a new attitude. Sort of " Fake it till you make it " I'm the same way, myself. But I will write my resolutions, and try to change some. 😁😁 Happy New year to you..😁😁 Ruby🌹🌸🌼


Yes Ruby! As soon as I start trying to feel happy, I get this feeling of impending doom. And I keep feeling like there's no point or what's the point if something is going to happen. It's like you feel more in control and protected if you're not happy smh but I'm gonna work really hard to get back to my normal self again because we all deserve to be happy. Happy new year!!! 💕❤️💋


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