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Water running down my head

Has/ does anyone else have a feeling like water running on oneside of your head cold feeling then feels like a wave or vibration but my head not moving or anything ik it sounds weird only way to decribe it ear clogged 1 feels itchy & wet. Head have some pressure. But no pain or headache just the weird feeling the ENT said nostril imflammed gave me nose spray but i dont care for him i told him i couldnt sneeze he said you dont have to! Nothing going to happen if you dont. Well thank God i did sneeze again.

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I'm having this now it's a weird sensation it feels cold like my head is wet But it's not

I had a headache yesterday I've been with a cold for a week now yesterday my mom gave me Benadryl for some reason it was the drowsy type when I was going to bed a had this pain it was horrible it lasted a minute then went away

Now today I'm dealing with this weird sensation thing it's not pain but it's very strange and concerning for some reason


When u say weird can u describe it as much as you can mines feels like a wave going through my head for a quick second & leave do your ears feels clogged??


I think I can relate to wave feeling it's like pinprickles sort of

I don't have clogged ears though


Yes thats what it feels like i went to the ER & he told me the wet feeling is the fluid from my sinus draining have you gone to the Dr. Sounds like sinus but i cant diagnose u


Well no I haven't gone to the doctor my mom doesn't want to take me

I guess the reason for it was

Beacuse of my anxiety

What I mean is last year

I went to the hospital for horrible random pains in my legs

Every scan & ultrasound that was done on me came back negative

I know now that it was my anxiety causing it

Ever since then my mom refuses to consider the hospital now because of anxiety issues.


Yeah having aniexty sucks big time & it has it own symptoms it gives you hope you feel better but if it continue push your mom to take u to ease your mind but it sounds like sinus pressure in your forehead & sinus headache but take a professional word over mines


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