New to this, advise please

Hi everyone

I've started suffering anxiety attacks that are leading to panic attacks. My doctors mentioned CBT and wanted to put me on anti depressants but I don't feel low, I'm happy with my husband and life but I have had a lot of stress over the years that I think has built up.

My chest has hurt and been tight, like its sinking in for 5 days now and I sometimes feel weak and as if I'm on a boat when I walk which scares me, this is makin me feel sick and then leading to a full blown panic attack. After a panic attack I'm worn out. I have a diazipam to relax me after an attack but comin upto Xmas I'm worrying as I want it to stop.

Does anyone else feel like this for days?

Thank you


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  • Hi. Mrshoff. A great WELCOME to the site. Great crowd here so try and listen to them. They have all gone through this and can reassure you. Every symptom you describe is typical of the anxiety state. You are NOT alone or different, and having been to your GP you can be assured that this is not a physical problem and it is very common. You may not believe that but it is true. It is reckoned that 1 out of 5 people suffer this way and it is only those who go for treatment that get counted. Life today is not conducive to peace and quiet, and if you are a sensitive person you will suffer at some time or another. Stress does build and we have to deal with it. I am sure you will get much helpful advice and I will come back if you feel like talking more about how you feel. Read the blogs and answers in the archives; it may help you understand more because understanding how you feel as you do is a powerful tool. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • Thank you Jonathon for replying to me, so scared at the minute and I feel like I'm letting work down and my husband while I feel like this but all have been supportive. I will read through the blogs. I'm glad I've found this site, I hope it helps. Thank you again Amanda

  • Hi,

    I feel like it all the time,ive suffered from anxiety for 6 months now n its hurrendous,i go to cbt and its helping,ive tried meds from the docs n they dont agree with me but that doesnt mean they will you,i always feel like im on a boat,even when im in bed,it has even stopped me driving i feel that bad,reassurance is the best for me,n this site has helped me loads,i feel normal when i sign on xx

  • Good, warkie. Just keep signing on and feeling normal. You are more than welcome at any time. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • It's my chest muscles that are sore at the minute and that's what's making things worse.. I've been like this since September. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I think knowing and understanding about it will help me. Thanks for takin the time to reply and good luck with getting over this, I'm gonna try my best to not let it change me, I will try everything xx

  • Try not to let it change u,it nearly won me but didnt let it,im really sociable and enjoy going places and it got to the point i wasnt driving,or going anywhere,have u got any1 close to you thats going through the same,i have and thats really helped,hes been a saint xx

  • Can I ask what has helped you? I've not tried CBT or medication yet xx

  • I love going out and socialising, i think im more scared that it will try and change me. my friends n family are so worried about me. My husbands been great, he's had a panic attack before so he sort of understands and I feel safer with him at minute. I've not been great today and missed a Xmas work do tonight, which I'd organised and was looking forward to, I've just felt awful all day and really weak. Hope it all passes and doesn't get any worse xxx

  • It will pass,it nearly stopped from going out last week but i said to myself im not going to let these horrible things beat me,i went out and felt great,just keep saying to yourself theres nothing wrong with you and you feel good,that works for me xx

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