Anxiety attacks, no sleep, and little appetite

I've been feeling panicky literally all day everyday... at least once a day I have a panic attack, and I'm not sleeping and I'm doing everything I can to calm down, and everything I can to be able to get to sleep at night, I mostly sleep like 3 or 4 hours a night at most..... my appetite is gone, I feel like I'm losing it, there's ringing in my ears, kinda sounds like a high frequency noise and my feet are tingly and my muscles are always sore, I feel depressed and I have a lot of inward anger plus I'm so sensory sensitive and irritable because of the lack of sleep.... and I feel kinda unstable. I just barely started talking to a therapist online finally and reading self help books and looking stuff up, but I feel like today I did a really bad job at managing it. I feel very lonely and guilty that I keep stressing out my family and being distant and hurting them on the days that I don't manage it. I feel guilty, had panic attack all day, only it has been escalating all day and I could just not be in the house anymore with that ringing in my ears..... I need to calm down and chill out. I'm trying to evaluate what triggers this...... I can't calm down right now.


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  • I understand it is so hard to calm down 😥 And I have the ringing in my ears too that's enough to drive me mad. Then just when j calm down a thought pops in or something scared me! I sure hope it gets better for you! Just know you are not the only one. I don't even feel real most of the time😥 I'm sending healing prayers and peaceful vibes your way! Hang in there! Easier said than done I know! Hugs!!!

  • This was me last year! Without he ringing in my ears but I had every other anxiety symptom imaginable. It is horrible. I felt like a zombie for a few weeks straight. Worst time of my life. Has something happened to you to cause this? X thinking of u and it will get better trust me

  • Yeah half of what you're going through , I've went through it & im going through some of that now . Like one of the people said on here will get better . It's a journey but it will get better . You'll think the opposite but believe in the positive , that you'll get better , keep telling yourself that & feel that. Distract yourself with something & let the anxiety come then it will go away .

  • I've been feeling very much like this lately (minus the ringing in the ears) I suffer from health anxiety and have felt so unwell since the beginning of December, I have ate 2 actual meals since then and those were on my 2 days I actually felt well, the rest of the time I get by with a little sandwich, salad, toast etc, I feel so poorly again this week but can never tell if it's anxiety, IBD or I've actually picked up a virus/bug - which is what my fear is of especially being sick! Feel like I can't be the wife or mum I should be and basically feel drained from life in general, I try my best to be positive but it's just so hard when every day is a struggle 😔 I hope you start to feel better soon xxx

  • I have days like this, where nothing seems to help, thoughts always on my mind. It's not nice at all. I've just downloaded an app called headspace, give it a go. Can you get therapy face to face, I'm on a waiting list for cbt. Try and eat little and often, even if it's just abit of toast, you do feel more rubbish when you don't eat, try not to do much excersizes before bed, have a nice hot bath and maybe read a book?


  • Just want to share with you guys this site, a professional will be personally talking to you till you problem is solved..i used it and i find it very helpful and grateful to them !

  • Dear Marika, I am so sorry to read about your suffering. My books on depression/anxiety tell me that the "limbic" system is affected, and that means a whole load of physical symptoms kick in. You don't mention taking any medication. Your GP should be prescribing you an SSRI pill in the morning and a tetracyclic pill at night to help you sleep. I will pray for you. Best Wishes, Pearwig.

  • Hi dear, it really sounds like something is deeply bothering you. You have every serious symptom of anxiety as well as depression. You do need to calm down for

    your own well being. It sounds like you may need some medication or dosage regulation as well as therapy in person. It sounds too overwhelming to try and manage this yourself. Wishing you well.

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