Anxiety attacks ..after effects


I was curious do you all feel after you go through a panic attack. Like lets say in my situation , you panicked throughout the night , finally sleep then get do you feel ? I feel so drunk & wiped out :/ & lazy , in the sense I don't want to do anything really but curl up on my couch & shut off the world. I don't mind talking to people though lol. But I feel off then it's like I'm looking for more issues , quietly observing , anticipating something when all I'm really trying to do , I think is calm down for once lol.


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5 Replies

  • hippieebbbz,  all the above are true.  

  • Yeah I feel pooped lol I'm like to myself "now you wanna relax " lol ..but uh yeah anxiety attacks are overwhelming

  • Hi, i completely know what you mean, its not just the panic attack, its how awful you feel afterwards. I get really low, feel depressed, scared, unable to eat, and like you just feel like curling up in a ball xx

  • Yep you're right , thanks for pointing that out . It does take a toll on us emotionally 😞 ..I currently don't want to do a thing but i have to run errands 

  • I feel exhausted and anticipating another attack

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