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anxiety and sleep

Hello everyone! It's night time again.. I dread bed time :/ it's always a battle trying to goto sleep. And when I don't get any sleep the next day is hell!!! Ive canceled so many of my plans due to this problem even missed work numerous times. On top of that I've even quit a job due to being so restless. I feel like I'm never going to get anywhere in life because of this curse! I've tried everything from the over counter drugs to teas and prescription. Xanax is the only thing that's helped for me.. About 70% of the time that is.. But they changed my prescription from xanax to Ativan which doesn't help at all. Grrrrrrr I hate anxiety! Probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Sorry just to vent!

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I know how you feel it's so horrible!!!😩. Just know you ain't alone atall I know exactly how you feel and maybe one day we can get through this!!

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I dreaded going to sleep! That's how I experienced my first panic attack was when I was trying to fall asleep. This was about 6 months ago. Now I still get a bit terrified when I try to fall asleep, but I eventually do by just trying to relax and distract my mind off of my anxiety. Thank you for venting and just know that it's very normal to experience sleeplessness and insomnia with anxiety. I agree, anxiety feels like a curse, I miss the days when I didn't have this problem. However, it is possible to overcome anxiety by taking the first steps towards controlling your thought patterns. I hope you get some sleep tonight and I'm available whenever you need someone to vent to because I can truly relate to how you feel ;)


Sorry to hear your anxiety is stressing you out so much, Im a Vietnam veteran and I have walked your path. I found the best drug to help you is" Ametriptline" hope Ive Spelled that right.

Its a drug also known as endep in Australia. It takes a few weeks to work but has been a gift from god to me. great for a restful sleep. Both my two sons are doctors so Im not alone in my advice. You should find a doctor who can help you with your anxiety If the first ones no help find another.

Hope you can find rest, you do not walk alone


Sorry for your restless nights. Do you sleep a lot during the day? I am not going to church service tonight because I couldn't sleep much last night. I usually have this problem when I consume something with caffeine in it in the afternoon i.e. coffee, tea, chocolate, etc . If you don't have a medical problem, then I hope you can get to the root of your anxiety. Seeing a therapist might help you talk out your problems. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.


Thanks for the response steadfast. I don't sleep during the day I have to be up in the morning to work. It's really the weekends that mess up my routine.. Sleeping in past 10 then when Sunday night rolls around I'm wide awake at 3Am


Giving you tranquilisers for a sleeping problem is not very good at all since they have decreasing effect over time unless you increase the dose, plus you develop dependency. My surgery simply refuse to prescribe those kind of medications. Have you tried listening to calming tapes before bed or whilst in bed? The fear of not sleeping is quite often half the problem as it becomes a viscous circle. I also take Zopiclone tablets sometimes and whilst this is ok for short term use you can also become dependent on it so it is not the answer in itself. I sympathise with how you feel, especially the days after you don't get much sleep. Finally sleeping problems are often a symptom of depression or underlying issues. I would recommend exploring things like counselling, cbt or other therapies.


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