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Fear and anxiety about death

In January many famous people died, hardly a day went by when there wasn't someone, but the one that hit me most of all was David Bowie, couldn't get my head round it. I suffer from anxiety but over the last few weeks it has escalated beyond control. I have found myself surrounded by morbid thoughts and now looking at my own mortality, I,m 61. My thoughts spin out of control and I imagine a life after where I am punished for my mistakes in this life. I spend time googling stuff about death and even when I,m having a nice time, fear can hit the back of my mind it's awful.

Where did this all come from, I was fine before Christmas ! Anyway I am attending counselling sessions and was told to look for triggers so I,m working on that one.

I just wonder if anyone else has ever experienced this.

Sorry to be so morbid.

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I completely understand where you are coming from. I too worry about dying on a daily basis. As well as all the stars passing we also lost a few good friends in January some of them only young and it really makes you think. I'm only 36 and have 2 young children and a baby and I worry so much about learning them. I used to Google stuff about death but try not to anymore and have been trying to change my thinking to more positive thoughts but I think because I feel so unwell on some days I automatically think something bad is going to happen.

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Thanks for replying, good to know I,m not on my own. I have been told to be more positive too so you have a point there. You are still really young though but perhaps there are people of all ages that have these fears. I hear of young people fighting for their lives and I feel really guilty for being this way. But with anxiety comes guilt I suppose.


I have been the same I am 67 and think of the times when I was young and listening to David Bowie and Cilla Black etc and it does make you think of your own mortality.. but then 2 yrs ago my ex MIL passed away and she was 89 so I could live to that long.. so could you we never know.. and I am not going to waste all those yrs left worrying.. :0 So onwards and upwards for us both :) XX


Thanks for replying to me. I find this really comforting you know. My mother is 88 this year so a good age I think. I also realise I'm going through a bad time at the present with one thing and another and it does me no good to keep on thinking this way. This morning I feel totally drained but am making the effort now to go to the residential home to visit her. Thank you so much for that and take care.


i was feeling great but today iv started feeling shakey just wanting to cry then feeling angry for no reason light headed than thinking im going to die not any reason jut im going to die in my sleep its scary but I know its stupid ;-(

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