Facial tingling, dizziness, head pressure making me more anxious


I am freqking myself out. I have facial tingling, head pressure, blurry vision, dizziness, and occasional nauseau(generally in enclosed places like the car or grocery store). I had a CT scan in August that was clear, an EKG that was clear, and blood work that was clear. I had an eye examination in December that came back clear. I have now worked myself into a panic because I'm so sure the doctors have missed something and that I have MS (not long ago I was worried that it was a tumor).

Two things-

1-is there anyone else out there that can relate to this? Is this just my anxiety going wild?

2-I've been prescribed fluoxetine (and I'm in therapy) but I'm hesitant to take it due to the side effects and all the medications that you cannot take with it. Has anyone had success with this medication reducing their symptoms?

Thank you so much! This is my first time posting.


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  • Ypu have just described me read my post iv had blurred vison pressure 7 weeks now and i am worn out i no how u feel

  • I have all these on and off it's anxiety and I also think I have a tumour just shows it really is anxiety but it so hard to take our own advice lol

  • I can 100 percent relate. I have had every single symptoms you described and even more. Every test has been done including a Catholic to heart to make sure and everything is clear. I still have a fear of heart attack and dying but started doing therapy and lots of relaxation and it's really helping. Your not alone so many go through this as I'm learning. People with anxiety are very sensitive and seem to be able to recognize every single symptom and change in our bodies. Turning to God and praying has done so much for me as well. I wasn't even able to leave my house for years and now I'm on PTA board I have a troop I lead I work in medical field helping seniors.

    Trust me your mot alone.

  • What you did to get out all of this? I have been suffering from the same symptoms and all the tests are clear.

  • ali-6185, I think it is my anxiety...though my anxiety wants me to believe that it is something much worse (e.g., tumor, MS). It sucks feeling this way. I feel like I get one symptom figured out and then another symptom is thrown at me (lately it has been the head pressure).

  • I was on them 6 years till i got used to them they helped me x

  • Thank you everyone! You do not know that relief that your brought me knowing that I am not alone in this! I appreciate it more than you could ever know!!

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