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Hi I've been experiencing really bad anxiety. Some days I'm just find and others I feel like I'm dying. This all started after Thanksgiving 2015. I recently lost my grandmother in July 2015 and I was Aline when I received the news. Not sure if this will be a connection but I'm also having money problems and just recently had to total my car. What scares me the most is at nights sometimes when I wake up I feel like its so tireding lifting my head and my heart is beating really fast. I'm not sure if this is anxiety but it all alarmed me I recently had a cat scan of my head and they said everything was ok ...I also had chest xrays and MRI and they said everything is ok. I'm really freaked out and I believe the hospital missed something and that I have a tumor or some sort of cancer...this is ruining my life


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  • Hi, I'm definitely no expert at all but it all says anxiety to me especially if the tests have all come back fine. It's totally understandable after the year you had.

    Has your dr mentioned anxiety to you, offered any treatment or told you of any support available in your area?

    There is a light at the end of this tunnel we just need help to find the path that leads there x

  • Thank you so much... Its really hard to cope with but I pray that it will start to get better. I feel so comfortable here knowing that it others going through the same. Thanks again.

  • You are welcome. Yep we are all here the same. May be different anxiety types but there is so many people on here you will find with an experience very similar to your own and others who's experience overlaps yours in ways at different points too.

    Treatment is the key to this hell hole illness to stand the best chance at recovery. That and understanding what is going on too.

    Good luck and remember we are all here, there's always someone around so you aren't alone xx

  • Hi. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. You are right to be thinking there may be a connection between your anxiety and your grandmother passing on. The death of people close to us can often trigger fears about our own mortality. The death of that person causes a psychological trauma, giving rise to feelings of being unsafe and needing to constantly be checking for any signs of ill health in ourselves. There is a need for constant health vigilance, which can quickly into health anxiety and/or ocd.

    The money issue will not help of course as it adds to your general stress level. The other symptoms you described are very classic anxiety symptoms.

    It is extremely unlikely that anything serious has been missed in your health check. Again, this is classic anxiety - misleading and fooling us into thinking we have serious illness. There is an illness to be sure - its anxiety disorder. Your primary health carer should be able to suggest treatments for you if that is appropriate, which may include medication and/or therapy.

    Dont worry - you are not going crazy. And you are not alone in your suffering. Hopefully you have people around you who will be supportive and understanding. You can always come here to this group and ask for advice or just some care and support.


  • Karl I appreciate your reply, this really made me feel at ease knowing that someone else knows what's going on with me. I hoping with time and vacation from my job I will be able to get myself back to my normal self...I would've never know anxiety/stress can do so much to your body. Thanks again.

  • You are very welcome :-) Just come here if you feel in need of some tlc :-)

  • 😊 thanks

  • Shontae, I'm sorry about your grandmother. It sounds like you are suffering from anxiety due to losing your grandmother, having financial problems as well as totaling your car. Those are stressful events in your life. I'm glad you did reach out to your doctor and have some tests. Very unlikely the hospital would have missed anything with the kind of tests you had. Besides grieving, you have a lot on your plate right now. I wish you better nights with restful peaceful sleep. Time heals all. Take care. x

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