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Been to the doctor about painful difficult swallowing and anxiety

I'm terrified of doctors and have severe health anxiety so it was a BIG thing for me to do to actually go.

He felt all my neck and talked to me for ten minutes and said it was all due to anxiety and gave me some mild tranquillisers, and wants to see me in three weeks.

I was sure he'd want to put the camera down my throat and do blood tests etc etc but he said no, he was convinced without doubt it was all due to anxiety.

Now I'm worried I may have not told him something important and he's missed a genuine illness!

How stupid is that!!!

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I had to smile you sound just like me in your post

I always come out feeling the same but if it helps usually you would be suffering with indigestion as well so maybe if you are not that is how he came to the conclusion that you don't need the camera down

I have been suffering with dreadful indigestion which has mainly affected my throat burning and as if it has a lump in it and I am dreading they would tell me I had to have the camera down so if I was you I would be happy that they have said it is down to anxiety and you don't need it :-/

I don't think your thoughts are silly , I think your thoughts are exactly how we think when we have anxiety

I hope the meds help to relax you and this sensation goes soon :-)

Take Care x

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Hi Bramwell,

Sorry to hear about your problem. I think sometimes we would like our doctors to diagnose us with a condition just so we can feel better and we can take medication to make us get better.

I have researched this and come up with the following website that I think may help you:-


I hope this helps you in some way and I am in no way a medical professional at all but I believe that as soon as your anxiety is under control, your symptoms may fade away.

I recently spoke to a lovely gent who had similar symptoms to you and he had been sent to a specialist and was told that there was nothing wrong with him and that it was due to his anxiety. It took him a while to get to grips with the information but once his anxiety was addressed, he felt a lot better in a few weeks.

I really do hope this is of some help to you :)

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Thank you. It all makes sense.

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Thats not stupid at all thats what health anxiety does to you . i was in the ER not to long ago due to massive anxiety attacks and i got scared because that wasnt me i was havung back to back panic aTTACKS andbi got terrified. So he said my heart was good and lungs were good. But when i left i forgot to tell him about my head feeling tingly and pressure so i left it alone. But i did forget to tell him about my blood results i was scared i know how that feels. But i know iam ok beacause i was in and out the hospital this whole week. And if i dont get anything off my chest to the dr. Ingo home thinking omg what if he missed something its scary.



You should congratulate yourself for being able to get out and see the doctor given how hard it is for you :-)

As other people have said , almost everyone in this group has felt at some time the same as you feel - that they might have misses some serious condition. I have yet to come across a situation where that turns out to be true. Undoubtedly, mistakes can be made from time to time - but they are very rare. Your gp is a very experienced professional and it would be a very very rare occasion on which he'she failed to diagnose any serious illness. Your doctor looked at your throat and saw nothing of any significance that required further investigation - he/she would not have missed anything so obvious.

Anxiety has a way of making you believe things that are totally false or misleading. Give it a few days and see how you feel. If you are still having problems then go back and ask the doctor to look again.I hope things improve for you.



Thanks for the reassurances.

It's silly as the doctor I saw has been there well over twenty years and is actually listed as a 'GP trainer' at the practice. So I would hope(!) he knows what he's talking about.

I've seen him before and he's a really nice warm person.

I've got to go back and see him in three weeks when I've finished the course of meds.

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