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Swallowing Problem and anxiety

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So this is my first time posting and I just wanted to share because a couple of days ago I was working out. On one of the last workouts, I was moving fast and sometimes coming up breathing hard and running over to get water. But I felt as if I needed to breathe in while drinking. A few sips in, I feel something I never felt before. It felt as if my throat closed up and it's like I tended up while spitting my water back into the cup, wondering what the hell happened. I was able to eat and drink after. But right after eating, I kept thinking about what happened and gave myself more anxiety. Forgot to add that I have been stressed out. When I got up from the couch to drink some juice my throat tenses up again and it's like it tensed it up right before getting to the back of my mouth. I tried to stay calm and talk to my girlfriend on the phone. I eventually calmed down and was able to drink again. I just want to make sure that I'm not the only one who has experienced this. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Robby.

Most of us have probably experienced this at some stage. I know that it happens to me if the water or drink is too cold. I can't scull a cold drink so I only drink room temperature water now. Funny thing is, once you worry about it, it keeps happening. Try not to focus on it. Hope this helps.

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It really makes me happy that I'm not the only who has gone through this. I had a thyroid issue in the past, which caused a lot of anxiety. But then my levels got better. They most likely went low because of a creatine I took in the past, which had a lot of caffeine . So I try watching my caffeine intake too. Thank you.

Yes, this is common in anxiety. Try not to focus on this. Just accept that sometimes it may happen. And when it happens, don't panic. just let some time pass before you drink or eat again. The more focus you put on this the more frequent it may happen.

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Thank you. Yeah I try telling myself that if I can still eat and it only happens when i focus on it, then I know that it is me.

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Hi often get this and when I asked the dr. about it he said it called globus. If you google globus you will be able to read about it. It is brought on by anxiety. Hope this helps you understand about it x

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Thank you very much for the response. I looked up the meaning and it makes sense because of how I feel that lump sensation as we speak. But I feel that once I fully lose focus on it, it will go away. Thank you again for informing me on that. I really appreciate it.

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I am glad to have been a help to you.

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i suffer with this ,and also get a stupid cough where I seem to run out off breath and have to cough

I have Achalasia and what happened to me in my muscles in my esophugus closed up completely and couldn't eat or drink being stressed can do alot of this specially the throat and stomach if it persists go see a Doctor.

Oh trust me, I have had the same exact issue as you. It’s pure horror really, so I feel your pain. I couldn’t swallow food at all. Everytime I struggled to swallow something I would freak out and get a full blown panic attack, which of course worsens everything lol. It will all go away, nothing stays forever, it’s gone now for me at least. Hope you’re doing better.

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