Anxiety and The Menstrual Cycle

I'm just wondering really if any other ladies out there react the same as me? I get increasingly worse with my anxiety/agraphobia for about a week before my period is due, all my symptoms get worse, my anxiety and panic attacks happen more often and I'm more aggitated, figdity and depressed .... is this common? I know there is PMS, and PMT but before my anxiety started I never got anything like tht, and now it's like I turn into shrek!!

Does anyone know of any reading material there may be on this issue??


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  • Hi

    It does happen to me as well.I cry a lot before my period and I m getting depressed.Lately I tried evening primorose but didn t work so I changed my pill and now is much better.But physically I m a zombie..

    In your case I think it could be related to hormones as well or tension cause you suffer of anxiety.I do believe there s a link between the two.If you know this just take extra care in the week before your period:try to relax more ,Fodor a walk,cut sugar or coffe,take some tablet to relax and staff like that.afterall Isfood to be aware of you own body ause you can dosomething about it

    Take care


  • hi love i have been wondering exactly the same i feel worse this last week and someone said it may be the change or my hormones and i said i am only 37 then a lovely person said it may be peri menopause never heard of it so read up and it said periods can change hot sweats at night palpitations anxiety cold flushes and you can do a test to see if you are in that cycle so gona look into it cos i feel worse this week so can sympathise with you let me know how you go xxx

  • Totally agree as I too get really emotional just before (like being a Teenager again ;) ) and have noticed that my anxiety gets to the highest level at that time! Roll on Menopause ;) xx

  • I've been waking up completely drenched in sweat, turned my heating off, just wore a thin blanket and opened my window and still I wake up drenched, I dont have falopian tubes due to cists 3 years ago and cannot add any hormones into my body as my womb is prolapsing, my anxiety is certainly 10 times worse and the headaches are extreme, pounding accompanied by sickness, I feel so ill and it happens every cycle, they're irregular too, horrible clotty and smelly and last over a week, Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?? I dont know whether my anxiety is making it worse or vice versa ... doing my head in thinking about it!!!

  • ah love i have been waking too wet through with sweat and have terrible shakes and weird thoughts although i dont get that with my periods although your body does cause alot of unwanted symptoms when i wake with sweats literally wet through and clammy i do panic and now tend to get up get a glass of cold water then read till i have cooled down and feel tired then i take myself back to bed have you seen your gp luv xxx

  • Hi i suffer frm aniexty and really bad periods and whn the two meet its unbearable. my periods last a week and are clotted and that heavy im never far from the toilet my doctor puts this down to the borth of my son who was 10lb5 hwever my nurse suggested takin iron n vitamin supplements and ive found this helps a great deal x i still get more anxious at that time of month but not to the point where i cannot function

    :) x

  • Hi donover, tried 2 take iron suplement but cnt tolerate it due 2 ibs but sayin that my periods r not that bad only heavy 4 a couple of days, its the pain i cnt stand + also loose milk, b sick, migrains, hot flushes e.c.t

  • I suffer terrible wiv my periods hot flushes, loosin milk, bein sick, migrains + the pain is unbarable. I think hormones agrievate anxiety. ive bin tested twice but was negative but u hav 2 b tested at the rite time + i wasnt, i wld suggest bein tested near ur cycle as i was not. this has bin questioned so many times on ere i cldnt tell u, so there must b a connection 2 hormones + anxiety hence the reason theres a lot more women than men who suffer wiv mental hlth + anxiety problems.

  • Hi, this is a subject i am always looking for answers for. i suffer from depression, anxiety and panic and pmdd when im due a period. i feel like im going crazy about two weeks on and off before my preiod and life is hard enough as it is. i take prozac which does help a little. read up on pmdd and see what you think? x

  • Hi i get more anxious and depressed when im due or on, its horrible. Ive noticed that im blogging the time of mth about being anxious and feeling down. I also suffer headaches that time of mth to x

  • Yes i can relate for the past ten years ive been the same a week or sometimes 2 before period the GAD IS EXTREMELY BAD, I HAVE TERRIBLE MOOD SWINGS, I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE TRANSITION HAVE WROTE IT DOWN FROM MORNING TO NIGHT SO I KNEW I WASNT GOING MAD OR JUST BEING PARANOID, but I can go from being on a high all happy to feeling so much anger which i never feel...Ive been told i probably suffer with pmdd also which goes hand in hand after several years of anxiety apparently oh well just makes me more determined to stay well most of time and support others...Kep a diary at the time of month you will see a pattern....X...caps lock grrrr ha!

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