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Went to the doctor for reassurance and left in more panic

So this week I have felt my anxiety get much worse. I have suffered from anxiety for about 4 years now and the past 6 months have had it under control. Yesterday I went to the doctor feeling light headed and dizzy and she checked my pulse and said it was extremely low. I was sent for an ECG which came back ok but I am terrified there is something wrong with me. I feel numb and just so tense and worked up I have been in tears all day and feel like this is starting to take over my life again and I do not want to let this happen. Anyone ever been in the same situation? Or have any advice for me? Thanks in advance

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Hi Rachie.

Sorry to hear your having a bit of a set back, I am sure if there had been anything wrong it would have shown up on the ECG try and relax as worrying will only make things worse. I have been in a similar situation but thankfully I was able to go to a wellbeing group and it was really helpful. Ask your GP if there are any groups in your area.

I hope you feel better soon Kenny


Hi rachie, sorry you are not too good.

I haven't been in the exact same position, but I do find knowing too much can send my anxiety soaring.

Try and think that the ECG came back fine and you are ok and well.

I know how you feel about everything taking over again, I feel it every time I have a blip, and it is horrible. The last week I have felt like this, but today I've been ok, and I'm thinking what's the fuss about.

Keep telling yourself how well you have done. All will work out.

Do you have any techniques or anything to calm yourself?

Hope you are ok xx


Hi Rachie,I have a low heart rate of approx 46 beats per min.Had the ECG's,blood pressure and blood tests,all ok.It is worrying even when you know all is ok.Whenever I get panicky about dizziness etc,I keep telling myself it's ok otherwise something would have shown up.I know it's difficult to believe sometimes,when you feel like this.I have had a heart attack some years ago,so do tend to get very stressed about anything like this,but I think I am learning to cope.If you get obsessive about taking your pulse,don't.I took mine all the time,and it made me worse,I don't do it now,

I use deep breathing which seems to help,although it can take a while.

Hope this will help,let me know how it goes

Love Anne x


Hi there Rachie 123 I really sympathise with you for I am suffering from very bad anxiety had it bad for 3 weeks now,but overall I have had bad anxiety/panic episodes for a number of years . Same as you I am very tense and wound up headache/neck ache not sleeping properly as really strugglin to relax and put things out of my mind have really felt at times like I'm going mad!! - I burst into tears tonite bit of release really it can be good to cry. I feel the same as you say -like its taking control of me - I want to be able to control it not the other way round my anxiety stems from work unfortunately- Makes life very difficult - do you know what has triggered your anxiety that is the 1st step thereafter try to find a resolution/solution or a way to deal with the problem/situation that has caused it - I'm on 40mg of Citalopram daily and it isn't doesn't seem to be doing much for me!!!. I just feel so scared. Talk to a Professional therapist ask your Doctor to refer you asap.


Sorry to hear about your scary day. Agree with others - try to take the ecg results at face value. I had a cardio memo thing on for a week cos of a weird heat thing I had last year, and the doc said the result was 'fine', no detail, and I worried and worried that she'd read the letter wrong or the cardiologist had missed something etc and on and on But I gradually persuaded myself that if it was anything serious or urgent then obviously they would have said so. Gradually my symptoms receded.

I know it is hard - I do a couple of sessions of ' meditation' (sitting still and letting my mind wander!) every night before bed and that has helped, I use the Meditation Helper app which is a timer. I also saw a counsellor one to three times a month for a year, which I had to pay for (used up my 6 NHS sessions in a flash) but was totally worth it in understanding what goes on with health anxiety and general panic attacks, anxious thoughts etc.

I also used the Worrybox app at first to help me when I had bad thoughts.

Anyway I hope some of this helps,



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