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does anyone else suffer with this symptom?

hi, i have suffered with anxiety for many years, and am currently off work with it. one of the symptoms i get when i enter a shop is when i am getting served i get this juddering feeling in the back of my head and my neck, its as though i am going to have a fit ( which sounds silly because i dont know what a fit is like.) would just like to know if anybody else experiences this,

many thanks

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Hiya It doesnt sound silly anxiety at all, anxiety no matter how you feel it.

When im in a social area like a shop (which isnt often at the moment) i get stressed and anxious and usuall only go into a shop with a set plan of what i need so i can get in and out and i can usually manage to keep myself calm..ish until im still (in a que, or if someone speaks to me) then i do get a juddering, throbbing sensation in my head and neck,pulsating noise in my ears and tunnel vision, I have been told its my bodies physiological response to what my mind percieves as a highly stressful situation. Part of the the old fight or flight response apparently.



Hi apw2470

I get a throbbing in my neck always down my left side and will sometimes go up the side (behind my ear) always happens randomly to me, i suffer with social and health anxiety



I often have the feeling I am going to have a seizure, so I know exactly what you mean but it's really difficult to describe. I've seen quite a lot of people mention it in relation to anxiety. I think its the tension in your body that does it and the feeling that you're going to fit is more like the feeling that all your muscles need to move, which is because you're full of adrenalin.

Horrible sensation but it goes away if you try not to focus on it and it's totally normal for anxiety.


I get really anxious when it's my turn to be served - anywhere - bus, gp reception, shops. I know my anxiety can make it really difficult to explain what I want. If there are a few people behind me, I get much worse. If I actually go right into a panic attack I will get that zapping feeling and once did stop breathing completely and passed out. I've also witnessed this happen to a friend. It's really frightening.

I find making myself concentrate on breathing steadily, helps a lot but it depends on who's in the queue behind me!



Hi - I get exactly the same thing. I call it wobbly head!! Usually it happens in meetings at work when i am under pressure and someone is questioning me. I make a joke out of it with my team and tell them to tell me if it is obvious to them if I think I have wobbly head. Usually they don't notice unless it is really bad. It is my reaction to stress and anxiety - weird! Karen x


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