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To fix your anxiety first you must accept it!

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So I have been going to a psychologist as I suffer chronic health anxiety/panic/ocd/PTSD. Anxiety is fear based and medication won't cure it nor will it fix it as it only masks it, like a bandaid. You have to face the fear which is the only way to cure it. Yes that's right, you need to face it and when you are experiencing the very uncomfortable symptoms and feelings you need to tell yourself it can't hurt you that it's only your fight/flight response over and over again. You need to do this everything as horrible as it is you need to do this. I'm going through this now and I don't have the symptoms/feelings for as long and I'm ready for when it happens. Don't be frightened of it as its a normal response and everyone has it. Please try and give it a go for at least a month. Goodluck and stay strong. For every negative thought you need to think of 3 positive ones. You can do it.

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Anxious2befree, thanks for reinforcing the idea of "acceptance". I don't think we can ever hear that enough. Continued success in going forward. You've got this :) xx

WOW! I so needed to "hear" this. Minus the PTSD, I'm in the same boat and have been for 30+ years. I've gone months and years feeling just fine, living life. Most of the time, I can feel my tension escalate and know when it's coming, but others, it hits out of nowhere and I'm like "WTF?" My biggest issue is health anxiety and getting out of my head. I've had tons of tests, blood work, heart checked and all normal, always. It's anxiety. I tend to be high strung. My kids, now 26 and 20 both have anxiety too but handle it better than me! I also know that I'm my own worst enemy since I don't exercise regularly. When I do, I feel much better. I know I should and I'd feel better, but don't.

I totally agree with you that you have to remind yourself over and over AND find a way to get out of your head and stop dwelling on it. Those two things are the biggest culprits to feeding the ugly beast we live with. Thank you for your positive comments!

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My biggest has turned into health anxiety also.. & I have 2 kids both around the same ages as yours. Mine are 18 & 24. Anyhow, thanks for commenting cus it helps me. I'm glad that the one that posted this did so too. I'm new to this website & wish they had an app for it cus the only way that I know how to check it is through my email but still very thankful because I'm not one that talks about my "crazy" as I call it. It's nice to be able to.

I really do congratulate you, Anxious2befree, in arriving at the truth about anxiety disorder in all its forms.

I think I see the influence of Claire Weekes and her acceptance method in what you say. Many read the book which they find enlightening and leave it at that.

You on the other hand are one of those who have put those teachings into practice: Face - Accept - Float - And let time pass. And you are beginning to feel the relief this brings.

Please let us know of your progress in the future, I wish you all speed in your recovery.

That’s the attitude that will lead to recovery. In my experience, I didn’t even bother with any affirmations or try and fill my head with positive thoughts. I just learned to let the anxious thoughts come and then go, without judgement. I learned enough to know that those thoughts were just a by product of anxiety, a release of energy and nothing more and that positive thoughts and a positive attitude would return without me having to force the issue. Anxiety is just tired nerves that have become sensitised and will heal themselves, In the exact same way your body recovers from illness. You don’t have to “do” anything to rid yourself of anxiety. It will go by itself the more you develop an attitude of complete acceptance i.e. genuinely believing that it’s ok to not feel ok and making your life bigger than anxiety. Doing normal stuff regardless of how you may feel will bring back feelings of normality.

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I'll be honest, though, when I get a woozie spell, or a chest pain or pressure in my head ( seemingly out of the blue ), my first thought is, OH BROTHER< Is this the time "it's for real". Here I am out in public and down I'll go and this is it.............

OK then I MAKE myself accept that it is just a feeling and I need to accept this and relax and let it pass........

BUT that first "whooosh" of{ WHAT is happening to me}, really gets my attention and then, THANK you Claire Weeks, I go right to the steps..........

...and in case you hadn’t realised, all those diagnoses given to you are all the same because the root cause is the same. Fear or fearing the feelings of fear. This means acceptance will work for all fear based disorders ( e.g. anxiety, ocd, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, PTSD etc etc) regardless of the label given to them by the medical profession.

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That’s exactly what my psych np said to me today. You have a fear of your fears. It resonated with me so much.

You don’t need a psych 😉 Save your money and buy Essential Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. The title may differ slightly, depending on where you live but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the bible for showing sufferers how to recover from all fear based disorders, naturally.

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