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do we ever get over anxiety? if so how?

I'm sat wondering.... has anybody ever got over anxiety to the point that they don't get anxious anymore? and if so how did you fight it? what help and techniques did you do?

i would love to be free from it so i can live my life normally...

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I can't say I don't ever get anxious anymore since it's a natural response when you are in danger/feel threatened/upset, but what helped me a lot was Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

I'm also looking more into what is involved when it comes to meditation but I'm still learning about that so can't say much yet. I'm hoping it'll help me with the the fight or flight response since my body cannot automatically do what non-diabetic bodies do (particularly the after effects, they make my sugar levels rise). Breathing techniques are apparently quite good too and are used as part of the meditation.

It can take a while to see results from your efforts so if you have tried anything, be sure to give it time to work. Setting yourself little goals each day can be good for morale too.

Best wishes and good luck!


hiya Buta,

thanks for answering my question,

I have had CBT already but it didn't work for me and my anxiety is getting worse. but i have set myself a goal and thats to go out on a short journey tomorrow it might make me feel ok and it might make me feel rubbish who knows? i take each day as it comes now and prey i wake up one morning not scared of anything and my life is back to normal.... wishful thinking eh?

take care xx


I understand. It's best not to expect everything to change overnight because it won't; your moods will shift and sometimes you will feel low in yourself randomly but really that's okay. It's okay to feel down sometimes.

I hope the journey tomorrow is a good one and you get what you hope out of it. Enjoy the weather; wind, rain or shine! :) Best wishes.


Hi vicky,

Yes wan can get over anxiety and panics, it takes a lot of practice, and of course the right practice.

I found the Dr.Claire Weekes method excellent, and I do Theravada Buddhist meditation, not just for the meditation but also for understanding a thing called right view, which is essential.

So first step, know that you cannot fight a panic attack, its part of you, as is the anxiety.

I also got some EMDR therapy, for some childhood trauma, and this really helped, and started the ball rolling this time.

I'm drug free for 3 years, getting out talking to people, have a great relationship with my wife and children now. I've even forgiven my parents :-)

Life is good, and if anxious feelings arise we see them very quickly, and pop them before they even get going.

If you want to be free you can be, but its hard work lots of practice, but SOOOO worth it.

Wishing you well




The most important thing to getting over anxiety, is that you don't fight it. DO NOT FIGHT THE ANXIETY.

The key to getting over anxiety is understanding how the anxiety works and excepting it. Anxiety rules by fear, it's power is in the fear you feel towards it: fear of fear. Although it can be very scary nothing bad will actually happen as a result of anxiety.

As ironic as it is, the way you get over anxiety is by not being scared of it any more. You have to accept the anxiety as part of your life and carry on your life as normal as if you didn't have anxiety.

A book I highly recommend is 'At Last A Life - Anxiety and Panic Free' written by Paul David. It explains how you are feeling in a simple and easy to understand way and will show you how to recover. I believe that reading this book can cure you of anxiety as long as you do everything it says. It is based on his own experiences, involves no need for medication or therapy and you can do it by yourself. He also has a website called anxietynomore.co.uk which you should definitely have a look at as it offers amazing advice.

You can get through this and live an anxiety free life. Take care x


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