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Do you take medication ?

The last couple of days I have had issues with my anxiety. I had an anxiety attack at work yesterday and then a waking attack at 4am. I have been ok for quite a while and battling it ok, but for some unknown reason it has come back on me hard.

I have never taken medication and I'm considering going to the doctor and asking for some.

My issue is this,

I'm afraid to take them because what I don't want is to be ok and feel 100% better, get so far down the line say a year, the doctor suggests I come of them, and then I end up here again back at square one.

So if anyone has any recommendations about treatment ( drugs ) did it work, did you come off them and you've been ok since.


If you've taken them come of them and gone straight back to square one.

I'd like to know either way.


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I've been on lexapro for 4-6 years I lost accurate count. But my docotor has told me as long as the meds are working she sees no need for me to come off of them.

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What are you being treated for?


Anxiety and panic attacks.

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Did you have many

Side affects with the

Lexapro and have you been on any other mefications


No side effects from lexapro. I was prescribed klonopin in November. Only side effect from that is I stay tired, however just dealing with anxiety and panic can make you tired! So I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or the klonopin.


Hi davewavy1, I feel there comes a time when we may need to be on drugs for a short time while using therapy and learning other methods of quieting anxiety. It is not a defeat but rather an escape for a while to give your body and mind a rest. As for your concerns in going on medication because you don't want to feel 100% better in only having that taken away from you down the road.

We only have the present in what anxiety is doing to us right now. We cannot project down the road what may or may not happen. In my case, I was left on Xanax for 30 years until it no longer worked and then switched to Ativan and Lexapro. Ativan didn't work for me.

With doctor's consent, I slowly got off Ativan and am just on Lexapro. After being off Ativan for a while, I felt better each day until one day I knew I was home free. No more drugged up feeling, no more foggy head, being tired, feeling out of it. The list of symptoms that disappeared could go on and on. I then realized that the benzos were just maintaining me. I now needed to do this on my own. I got the break I needed and now I was ready to go forward.

The years I was on meds and having therapy helped me accept that this was anxiety and nothing more sinister. Acceptance brought me a long way as well as meditation and deep breathing. I no longer need a calming drug, I know what to do on my own. I am still on Lexapro and hope to wean off that one day soon.

Davewavy, if you need that crutch right now, reach out and take it. Believe me it's not going to be a miracle pill, nothing is. It will be just enough to ease your fear and panic while you take a breath. Only you can make that decision, but I hope you will at least think about it. Good Luck.


A long reply thanks for the effort.

Well my problem is,

I've been ill before at 17 and got better by 22. I then fell ill, started having panic attacks again at 38, at it's worst I couldn't go out my front door. If I went out it would only be in my car.

As time went by I persevered with my anxiety and slowly went further and further each day, walking or taking public transport, pushed myself to go out and beat the worst of it over a 10 year period.

I can now go to most places. I've never taken meds to get my anxiety under control or to ease my symptoms.

It's just this last week, they have come back and I had a few attacks, mainly around breathing and hyperventilating, the 4am one was the worst.

I feel I've been through the worst without meds and I'm almost there, I've had a set back that I know.

I don't not like meds or see it as a weakness or anything, more a ( I know the way out of the maze ) kinda thing, if I can beat it, ya know !!.

You've given me cause for thought and I will think about it. I will see if it settles back down or maybe challenge it or maybe take a visit to the Doctor and talk it through.

Thanks again,



davewavy1, I certainly understand. I guess we are both in the same situation that we know what to do and hopefully it's enough for any set backs. Good Luck!

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