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Weird feeling in my head

Lately I get this pressure on top of my head and pain between my eyes , forehead taking Advil or Tylenol doesn't make it go away or course the worse comes to my thoughts of tumor or something else bad but than I take a Xanax .025 and it seems to go away is this anxiety I feel like I'm losing it sometimes I think I should rush to the ER to check my head but I went to a Neurologist and he thinks its find he did a egg and it was normal can someone give me any advice !!!

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Hello I feel the same way with my head ..right now my left side feels so heavy and my eye as well its like pressure no pain at all or like weird from that side how do u feel


Hi Oliveira: I use to feel that way a lot. I too was on .025 mg of Xanax. The fact that the Xanax took away that pain made me realize after a while that it was caused from tension/contraction of the muscles. I had gone to a couple neurologists and had tests which all proved this was another form of my anxiety. Try to accept the cause.

Anxiety will do weird things to our bodies. P.S. warm towels put on the face will help

release some of that stress and tightness and weird sensation. Relaxation tapes are excellent as well. Good Luck and Happy New Year


Thank you so much helps to know I'm not alone on this happy new year to you too


I'm not sure...but try massage masseuse reflexology,im not sure if chyropractor is a good option...reflexology with all those feet instrument,worked for my mom's migraine headaches.don't stress yourself too much..I guess,stress might be a contributing factor,I guess every oft knows that...


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