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Weird feelings in my head 24/7

For weeks I've been in a bad place. Everyday I wake up with weird feelings in my head that don't go away. Sometimes it's a burning sensation other times it's a dull pain in one part of my head. I constantly feel dizzy and out of it and have brain "fog" my memory is kinda bad sometimes and I can't always concentrate. Could this all just be my anxiety taking a toll on me? Or something more? I just don't see how anxiety could make me feel this out of it constantly for weeks without stopping..😰

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I will say I know how u feel but u need to go to the gp to get checked out. once u get results you can work from that. I have had horrible head sensations burning, crawling, stabbing, numb on both sides and at the back of my head. In my temple area. Behind my eye or eyes in my face even my jaws. It scares the c@/p out of me when it happens but I no its my anxiety playing up. I'll stop taking my herbal remedies or b vitamins wen I start to feel abit better then bam dizzy shaking starts feel like im going to drop. Hate going shopping or in work feel awful and out of it all the time. The pressure in my head scares me but I go back to my deep breathing exercises. Talk it out with my close friend and try not to let it overtake me. I hope u talk to ur gp and see how u get on. Take care


Well it certainly sounds likely this is anxiety . Here's a link to the management

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This is a great link, thank you for sharing. :)


I have very similar symptoms but I am under investigation by doctors for a potential health issue but they have also said anxiety as well so I don't know if I'm coming or going. Let's hope we can get through this


Have you taken any antibiotics, prior to this starting? With me those symptoms were caused by fluoroquinolones. The affects can last a long time but there are things you can do. If you did, you must never take that class of antibiotic again--they are better to avoid in general, and there are alternatives. Whether you did or didn't, one thing you might do is take a magnesium supplement. It can't hurt you, and it's something essential that many of us are deficient in.


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