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Rolling feeling in my head

Tonight I was in the grocery store when once again I was hit with that feeling. Like there were waves in my head. Like I was going to fall at any moment.

This has been going on for a couple of months now. It comes on at the strangest moments. I might be working at the computer, walking or lying in bed.

It's unsettling.

Is it anxiety? Stress?

How are other people coping with this I wonder?

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I see your not the only one with that feeling i have it all the time i even belive i have bugs im my head then i start feeling crawly feeling on my face and ill scratch anxiety can really mess with your head it make me feel a little better to know we are not alone i thought i was going insane


This could be due to stress, you should take proper rest and sleep. Take proper healthy food on time, do some exercise everyday, try not to take a lot of pressure. If still rolling feelings then try to talk a doctor.


I get the rolling feeling too. I cant focus properly, usually when I am looking down to write or read and for last year on the stairs. My writing has got spidery, I struggle to put in my pin number when paying for things and have to lean on the wall walking downstairs.


You should call your doc . You should have blood sugar test . Could be having "lows". Simple blood check . Everything isn't brought on by anxity. Always check for a physical reason first. Just my opinion.


You are so right Redhots. Not everything is caused by anxiety and after a while I start to wonder if I will know the difference as I get older.


I think I get the same thing. I've noticed if I move my eyes to the right or left as far as they go I get a similar sensation. With eyes open or closed. Quite sure it's nothing to do with anxiety. Also when it happens unexpectedly it's only a whoosh/wave that lasts seconds. A bit like when your falling asleep on a bus but without your head dropping down..sorry I can't answer why, maybe someone else can?


Hi Leenda, you are the first person that described that feeling as a "whoosh"

sensation. Yes it lasts only seconds, but the panic from it can last for hours.

I don't know what it is either....


hi i get that too its what i call head spin moment i have low blood pressure and adrenal fatigue thats why i get it i feel like im going to pass out and i usually get it when there is too much going on and im struggling to cope usually in social situations

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