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My state of mind is not good it hasnt really been since puffing some dodgey weed when i was 18..I thought it was social anxiety but now think it could be something else. When someone is talking with me I cant follow properly and cant remember what they say to me so my answers are sometimes mixed up or short...I cant look people in the eye much at all..i feel so disconected..even with my partner and family relatives I feel like I do not know them even when I talk its like my train of thought is screwed up and I live in an emotionaless daydream state. When im stressed or anxious l do daydream alot which scares me I cant concenrate on work much or with reading 2 secs later I have forgot. I am so bad when I have to socialise I turn into this fear state of mind freaky girl who cant think properly out of my mind and it wont go away! Its like a panic hyper state mania maybe who knows but i avoid any social situation its ruining my life... anyone else have these feelings?

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Never look back look forward are you still a smoker?

Some of my friends would smoke weed, I've tried it but lucky for me I got away from it I know how hard it is for them to forcus and they would get paranoid, and think they hear stuff and think there boyfriend/girlfriends are getting with other people, because of the mind game, weed causes anixty, witch isn't fare but I believe you can beat this, I think you have social anxiety, but never be ashamed, 3days ago was the first day in a year I went into a ice cream store and paid for something and there was so many people I was so proud, it's just the little things you will progress, but take baby steps don't go do it all in one day no one would ever expect that we'll I sure wouldn't☺️Keep me posted☺️

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