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Dissociation /Depersonalization/derealization


I posted here a month ago about my anxiety, depression, mood cycling symptoms I was having. Now I feel really detached as if my mind and emotions are away from me and I can barely hold on to my thoughts. Further convincing myself that I've reached a point of no return. I know I'm depressed, but I seem to be losing control of my mind. I'm extremely apathetic and the only emotion I can get a hold of is fear or anger. When I experience happiness it's an elation that seems unreal or how is it even possible in a state of such distress and everything feels unreal. Being aware of the changes in mood helps me to not act out in a bizarre manner, but at times I really feel so edgy as if I want to act out. I still recognize myself physically, but mentally and emotionally I feel like a totally different being. I wake up so convinced my mind is gone. I move around a bit to reassure myself that it's bit, but throughout the day I still feel so detached from my surroundings. I dread falling asleep to wake up to the scare of having lost my mind or the detached getting worse and worse. Is there any help?

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Hi Cd350,

Pls see my profile for the very best resources for this! Especially Dr. Weekes😀 will try to write more later.

we both on the same page with the unreal feeling and vision feeling unreal when i look at the world and the outside seems to be strange mines is more of racing negative thoughts dont know why its happening but its so bad that it seems like its trying to make me go crazy its awful feeling when your mind is so strong it seems like it trying to take over you i wake up like if its another day of being stress with these feelings im going to be honest i was doing good about a week ago before getting sick and it came it hit me harder now its like now the negative thoughts came in just racing in my mind its annoying and stressful sometimes i wanna break down but i force myself not to and try my best is the only way . and i dont take any medications at all and been having this for over two years or more but hopefully one day its all gone .

I'm so sorry you are struggling with this. It sucks feeling out of touch and ready to rage. It is confusing and disabling. I read up on those feelings and read that many who are experiencing them have thyroid issues. Have you had your thyroid checked? It is the mother of hormones which effects emotions so much.

If it's not that, another thing that helps balance things out again is taking magnesium and ginseng supplements as many are deficient in them anymore and much anxiety and depression is because of that. Stress depletes them from our system. They will calm your mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts. Many have been helped abundantly by doing this. Also, getting outside and laying on grass, looking up to sky and stars helps a lot. <3

I've seen that the thyroid could be a factor in such problems. I'll be sure to look into that in addition to the depleted supplements you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback pal!

I suffered from an episode od dereal iui zation ounce i know it's no joke and very scary that was the start of the end of my life since that day i never been the same

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What do you mean, "never been the same?"

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That was the first time u ever suffered from anxiety attack

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