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I just want to be normal!!

Does anybody else wake up feeling like there head is heavy on one side and feels like someone is pushing on it?I don't really know how to describe the feeling but it happens every day. Ive been under a lot of stress for the lasr couple of months bc of my anxiety and I feel like I'm about to loose my keeps feeling like someone's touching my head or something on the right side like pushing their whole hand on it and my right ear and eye feel pressure.I'm so scared its a brain tumour but ive had 2 cat scans doneand both came back normal but I'm going Wednesday for an mri.I'm terrified that their gonna find something!shew I really hope its just anxiety making me feel like this.anybody know if it could be just anxiety?

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I suffer from anxiety and get that as a matter of fact for the last couple of days feels like my head is carrying extra weight and of course like you I think the worse yesterday I took a Xanax very low mg and most of it went away .your not alone on this lol I even feel like the doctors miss something when I go to them best of luck on the Mri


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