I want to feel normal again

Sorry for moaning, I should feel lucky and thankful for still being a life and in one piece after a car accident, but I don't. I want to feel normal again, without anxiety, without over-thinking everything, without having to think new situations through. At times I'm too tired to fight the battle, when will it end? The overwhelming feelings of good and sad emotions. I just want to feel normal again :-( Sorry for the low mood x


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  • Don't feel bad we all get that way I want to be better than I was before because maybe I won't have to ever go through this again hang in there it will get better have a blessed day!!!!

  • I feel the same its been a 11yrs and still every day a struggle ive ran out of options what else to do.This must be how it feels to live in hell :((

  • I really know how you feel. I have separation anxiety as in a long distance relationship. I'm trying to avoid medication. The weeks are very difficult. Just try and look at things you enjoy and do a few. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Billy , I am a nearly life time sufferer and these times come and go as I'm sure you know. Take heart my friend you are not alone although it feels like it most of the time, I know. Treasure the ok days and remember it's swings and roundabouts. Vent your passion on here and get it out. We are listening Billy and going through hell with you mate xxxxxxxxx

  • Imshaz, don't be sorry for moaning....if it wasn't you it would be somebody else ...me included of course. You have a double whammy of physical and mental problems. Be kind to yourself, you have a lot to put up with xxxxx

  • Never feel bad for moaning, if anything see it as theraputic writing it all down, it sounds like you have been through alot. We all have a moan on here and i think its the best place to do so other people who are going through the same can give their insights. He it resolves soon x x x

  • you're not moaning, just expressing how you feel. You've been through a lot, so vent it...I wish I could feel normal one day and I live in hope and faith, so don't give up you'll get there.

  • hi there!! just wanted to say i know exactly how you feel!! each day for me is a major struggle and challenge to get through!! i tend to focus on negative rather than positive things so im trying to change this mind set!! but after 39years of being a pessimist im finding this quite difficult to do!! id say try and find things which you enjoy doing and focus on them!! and dont feel bad if you want to moan as i think we all moan!! and good friends will listen to you no matter what you have to say!!

    stick in there and i wish you the best of luck!!

    nicE xx

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