12/11 log

ok well i been having a decent day for the most part...shot some hoops at the park ect.

and woke up feeling pretty good. I did have some circulation problems when sleeping, arm feel asleep and so did both of my shoulders and of course the difficulty breathing persists but eh maybe if i keep exercising it will be gone in a month or so since it did help with my other problems.

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  • My arms always fall asleep when I sleep. I know how the breathing issue feels. Have you tried to use an inhaler? It opens up your airways and makes it easier to breath.

  • Good luck I hoping to get back to some sort of sport or walking when I have my surgery. New leg and get up and get moving for me

  • nice, yeah got to keep moving...helps a lot.

    I just have some type of problem with my heart which idk what it is exactly yet till i see cardiologist in january.

  • Been trying to keep moving this year but it just got too hard. Now I am looking forward to moving freely but taking my time. I have the rest of my life ahead of me I've sat still this year now it is time to move. Good luck hope January is going to be a great month

  • good attitude, goodluck to you also with your surgery.

  • Thank you

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