Day 12

Hi. Day 12 of fluoxetine..... Still having some bad days.... Panicky episodes don't last as long.. I'm hoping soon all the horrible side effects go away... I just keep ticking off 1 day at a time. Still not sleeping very well and mornings are difficult to get going but now there is more brighter episodes in the day. Just preying it keeps improving as I have been off work almost 4 weeks and need to get back to work.


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  • Hey,I've been on fluoxetine and had similar symptoms, the side effects will improve don't worry! I hope you're back to work soon :)

  • I'm trying not to worry and hope 1 more week and I will get back to work. Might try sominex to help me sleep... Thank you.

  • What I do to fall asleep is play funny videos from youtube to fall asleep to, I consider them like pockets of fun and it's nice to fall asleep happy :) but that may not work for everyone I don't know, I would be careful using drugs to help you sleep

  • Hello :-)

    For day 12 I feel you are doing really well , I know you may not but these side effects do seem to happen and can last a while and so still early days and compared to some you are getting them less than others can , so keep going , work will be still there when you have settled down and you will :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you for your encouragement.... I never thought the side effects would be so bad....

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