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today 11/4/2015 log

Today I woke up feeling heart inflammation, Took a krill oil and did some walking for exercise...

hoping if i start using my heart more rather than laying around that it might help prevent issues such a palpitation (literally heard my heart skip beat on stethoscope...not cool) and heart pain i felt last night felt about 5 palpitations and got my legs slightly tremoring again. (relatively small...always have this after heart beat issues maybe from fear)

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I've had the same I have a heart condition called right bundle branch block it's a murmur my heart really beats heard like it's in my throat... They told me it can be caused from stress which leads to anxiety.... I have all three and it's a horrible feeling. Not sure if this will help but I started taking daily vitamins and making vegi and fruit smoothies without sugar. But it really seemed to help with my heart problem... I hope knowing somebody else deals with this on regular bases helps I hate it also and want my life back.

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that is super helpful actually, I really appreciate it and like knowing other people are dealing with what I am. So far no real heart pains or palpation's ...laying off aspirin least until i feel something.


I struggled with bad heart palpitations and would literally feel my pulse every 5 minutes. Then the skipped beats started that really got me scared I ended up going to the emergency rooms. They put me and a monitor and it showed that my heart was skipping beats so that now had me worried after lots of teating like heart sonar, stress test, cholesterol it showed that I am actually a very healthy person so with that said anxiety became the diagnosis. After dealing with anxiety and all its nasty symptoms for almost 5 years I have learned to deal with my symptoms and fears. Your not alone believe me. If you would like some of my self help remedies and so on let me know. I know how it feels when you feel like your dying or waiting for that next attack to happen.



I messaged yo directly but Ill comment here too, I would like your help remedies and that sounds like me, so really helps to hear someone like me with's scary! I rarely gets hemp ur I feel like my hearts struggling from difficulty breathing and such otherwise...yesterday was better but today hasent been great.


How were you diagnosed with the heart condition?


I wasemt but I heard the palpations on my own sethscope


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