12/5 log

Been doing better with my exercise program, helping my heart i think to supply blood to my organs and make me less sick in the mornings. I wasn't as good at yesterday morning waking but not bad about a 3.5 on my sickness scale (only because i didn't take piece of aspirin)...and got better...now im at a 2 on the sickness scale...no real problems at this moment.

I really hope exercise can cure me back to 100% normal!

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  • Or wow that good keep it up take care xx

  • Thank you :) I just hope I can strength my heart to normal again. For some reason when I'm laying my body wants to switch to weak heart gear....but exercise is improving somehow...maybe just giving blood in general in the day to my organ is enough to last the night...not sure exactly but I have another supplement coming in the mail hawthorn berry....is supposed to give better heart contractions....should help with switching to low heart gear mode when laying....but also taking coq10 ...might take few weeks. I gave had no problems exercising but I'm not trying to over do it...working my ways up....crazy how I feel better exercising then laying though...

  • That's so true ya need to keep it pumping obviously when excersising your blood is pumping alot quicker than normal so it sends adrenaline alot quicker. Have you got a bad heart x

  • Have you been to see your primary care doctor? I would encourage you to do so and talk to him/her about what you are going through, do some testing and if need be, get a referral to a cardiologist. There are simple tests to rule out heart disease including heart failure. It could be something as simple as an electrolyte imbalance or dehydration. As a health care professional and an anxiety sufferer I would say please go see a Dr and get a real diagnosis for a piece of mind and a treatment to fix it. I hope you're well this morning

  • Yeah I whent to the ER and they tested lot of things but didn't find anyting but palpations and premature beats, I will go in January when my healthcare kicks in...doctor was impressed with my knowledge...I'm not sure exactly what the heart damage is but I know it's heart damage mimicking heart failure but if it is...it's class 1, mostly problems when laying or after sleeping..,,,was much worse...hope exercise and supplements can help me overcome it compleat and recover completely. Anyways er did ekg, checked electrolytes, blood work, X-ray.

  • Yeah! exercise with proper medication and balanced diet can help you recover fast and completely.

    Exercise will make your body strong and help you in healing fast..

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