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ok today woke up feeling not so bad or good about a 3.5 on the sickness scale, i get the sensation my body is trying to warn me something isnt right every morning and slowly over time my brain tunes it out or something in the late night...not sure. (In the past sleep always cured me of anything from feeling depressed to being sick...refreshed me...but not this one) Wish i knew so i can fix my body and mind :) Hope everyone else is doing better today. Watching the Xavier basketball games with Dick Vitale (iconic voice) the old man and amazing he has more energy and positive attitude than me (seems health)...not sure how he does it! lol...

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  • Hey! Hope you had a good thanksgiving 😊 I can relate especially when you say you want to fix your body and mind that is exactly the trick... I was obsessed with fixing myself and that is when anxiety took over my life. Once you stop trying to fix things and accept that the symptoms are there it gets a little easier (I know it's easier said than done but that's how mind improved). Wishing you a good day!

  • that does make some sense but yeah when ur body feels sick pretty hard and other things but i might try it....the best i can...i can understand the logic completely.

  • It's definitely not easy I felt sick pretty much every day and would wake up during the night with really intense nausea so I know how it feels but that feeling started to calm down when I lost the fear of the sensation if that makes sense? Have you tried any relaxation techniques?

  • i dont have much fear or panic just sick feeling mostly and some other things that have been less prevent lately....if i could toss the sick feeling out...i could bare with other things.

  • Yeah some symptoms are more bearable than others the sick feeling was my worst physical symptom but the psychological ones were a lot tougher to cope with (thought I was going crazy!). Hang in there the feeling will eventually subside! 😊

  • mine are all physical...heck id rather be crazy than die from cancer or something or have a brain tumor....but yeah mine are more like (heart pains, palipations, twitches, difficulty breathing, ect...) but they have been fairly minimal lately...the feeling sick is almost constant though and decreases at times ...sometimes in the night.

    ER said i have premature heart beats and palpitations...and said the waking up sick was morning sickness...but back then i was feeling deathly ill when waking...now i just feel somehwat ill like my body is trying to heal me from cancer but cant or something...idk...cant explain how sleep doesnt help me...like it always has in the past though...its interesting...working on solving it.

  • I guess anxiety finds your deepest fear and makes you think it's coming true (the fear of going crazy came from something that happened to a family member in my case). Have you tried therapy maybe to try and find out what's causing it?

  • i really am care free...never had a mental break down or anything... i mean i fear death...but thats natural ..expectingly when u dont feel good. but no i never did therapy and always been self reliant and able to solve my own problems.

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