Weird vision when wake up

In the night I tend to wake up a lot and landing lights always on incase the kids need the toilet in the night so they can see where there going anyway you can see the light through the door like the outline and it's yellow but sometimes when I wake up it turns to a red colour then slowly goes back to normal but this only happen when I just wake up for a couple seconds it's happened quite a lot and only started happening with all these anxiety symptoms got it in me head I've got a brain tumour again :( sorry to keep moaning about things just reassurance really helps if it is anxiety :/ thank you for anyone who takes there time to reply:)


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7 Replies

  • I went through the same thing thinking I had a brain tumor. I went to the ER they did a scan and my brain was fine. Anxiety always makes us question the worst. Even after they reassured me I still kept thinking maybe they missed something, but they didn't we just have to relax.

  • Hi. You are not moaning - you are expressing a fear you have - a very different thing. So dont feel bad about that - thats what this group is here for after all :-) You are going through things that many, if not all, here have gone through - fear that we have some serious or terminal illness.

    If we can be practical for a moment - if you had a brain tumour you would have many more symptoms - and ones that everyone would see. So it very unlikely you have that illness. What you do have is anxiety disorder - probably more specifically health anxiety and or ocd and or sensorimotor compulsion. Any of these illnesses can make you believe that you have some physical illness through producing symptoms that you then interpret for yourself. For many with these illnesses it does not matter if tests turn out to be negative - we simply refocus and find another illness from symptoms that we have or think we have.

    Probably you have a treatment regime - either medication or therapy or both. It can take a while for the treatment to produce results. But it would not do any harm to review your treatment with your doctor from time to time to ensure that there is some benefit being derived. If there is no benefit then you would have to question the treatment. But, as I say, it might take some time for things to get better.


  • Thank you Karl calmed me down again:)

  • You are very welcome my friend :-)

  • I totally agree with Karl. The more you imagine things the worse they are, you do not mention if you are on medication? I also think you should try relaxation if that is possible, 15/20 minutes a day will really help you. Rest assured we have all been there and recovered so think positive and get well soon😊😊 Helen x

  • Hi MrWorry, I just had to add my 2 cents to your dilemma regarding what you are seeing. I have had that phenomena many, many times. Seeing black images but like you, when it turned red, I got anxious. Happens only upon waking up, blink my eyes and it's gone. It happens less and less frequently now and when it does, I no longer worry about it. Take care..."Don't worry, be happy" :)

  • Thankyou:D

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