How do people suffering with anxiety feel when they wake up?

How do you feel when you wake up? My anxiety seems to of shifted where I feel worse in the morning and better later in the day.

At the moment I am waking up and the first question I ask myself is how do you feel!! Unfortunately my head feels really heavy, no pain just like a pressure.. I have pain behind my nose and I feel groggy, sick and dizzy....

Its making me worry I have a tumour or something :(

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  • Morning

    I always say , my brain sits on the end of the bed while i am asleep waiting for me & as soon as I wake up , its there saying morning , where have you been , now come on what is it we are suppose to be worrying about today :o

    I do relate to waking up & first thing thinking , now what is wrong with me today

    I have sinus problems at the moment , headache , can feel that pressure you talk about & am having to tell myself , I have had this so many times before , that if it was anything serious , something would have happened by now , which same with you , if these feelings were anything serious , you would have known a long time ago , things dont drag on , other than this anxiety , that is one thing that can drag on

    Its about changing the way we think , trying not to fear , but accept the way we feel , as the less we fear it & accept it , it gives it less control & with less control , we can slowly turn are way of thinking around

    Its not easy , I am still learning to do it , but it can be done

    I hope if none of this has helped at all , knowing you are not on your own feeling this way might have :)




  • Ive had a really bad couple of months and my anxiety was always at its worse in the morning...... I got that I didnty want to wake up in the morning..... but luckily Ive got some new medication and Im starting to feel better......

    Ive had a lot of changes in my life recently which have contributed to the anxiety but slowly Im getting things back on track...

    Im not sure Ive helped really, but just to let you know youre not alone!!

    Lots of love

    Ker xx

  • I always feel my worst when i wake up, I'm pretty good at getting up. I hop straight out of bed and try and get moving instead of laying and thinking. If i move and think atleast I'm making progress, all be it slow!

    the usual thing for me is i orientate, think of wat day it is and think uh! Well i survived another night and instantly think somewhere today sh*t will hit the fan!!! and its an instant dread for the day. When in reality work really isn't a problem in my life and i have a genuinely positive and laid back approach when i get there. Its a complete unnecessary fear!!! I guess i just fear the unknown, worry how and what ppl will do to me in case i break down or panic. Which is a bit silly when i consider work as my safe place!! Xx

  • very disappointed that I have to be awake.. jittery,scared,physically weak. 2day I took a sleeping pill and fell asleep again

  • I panic when I wake up straight away. Then as the day goes on I feel better.

  • I think it is a fact that we always feel more anxious in the morning. Looking at what the day is going to bring, wondering if it's all going to get done and we are going to get through the day. Then as the day goes on and you, possibly, get busier the anxiety eases off and the day was not half as bad as you thought it would be. Happens to me all the time !!! Julie xx

  • I understand how u feel, my pulse is racing first thing in the morning have to take a beta blocker to slow the pulse down. I have started some new tablets but have not done any good as yet - hope I feel better soon as this feeling of anxiety is hell. Cant eat either the thought of food makes me feel sick. good luck to you anyway at least I am not the only one out there feeling this way if only we all could feel better how good that would be.

  • I think its very common to feel at your worse first thing in the morning and better in the evening. I have depression (with anxiety) and often get a feeling of emptiness first thing in the morning. It can be quite horrible sometimes but best thing to do is get up and move around. I find keeping busy and as distracted as possible is the best way to fend off the anxiety and then by evening I feel better. The worse thing you can do is languish in bed. Even taking a nap in the afternoon is ok if you're feeling tired.

  • Thanks for all your responses guys... Mine now seems to be first thing so lying in bed, but also when I stand up for the first like 45mins of the morning I now have this awful pressure behind my nose. I am convinced I have brain pressure and its causing these symptoms.. I am really really struggling :( I have just found out to that 2 people have sick bugs in my office which has made me go into another panic as I hate being poorly :(

  • I always feel more anxious in the mornings. The thing to do is to just get up and get on with things. I don't practice what I preach though! If you are feeling pressure behind your nose, I think it's more likely to be your sinuses than an issue with your brain. Steam is the answer! And get it checked out if it's causing you stress x

  • i woke up this morning with a heavy head and dizziness went to school and still have it

  • I feel awful in the mornings, racing heart nausea tight chest nerves really grinding and tense same every day no let up :-(

  • I am glad there are other people who feel exactly the same as i do! Its a living hell! I feel lonely but at the same time i feel empty, a persons presence in my life would make me feel irritated with them, even my little canary annoys me when she chirps and i love her! I came off my antidepressant because it gave me missed heartbeats, its either cope with this feeling or get anxious about my heart. I am with you all in thought!

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