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Hello Everyone. I decided to join this group (I have never done it) because I have been dealing with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attacks..for about 20 years now...I lost my dad six months ago, my job, and insurance 3 months ago, so my symptoms are at its peak. I also suffer from Mitral Valve Prolapse, which was never and issue, but  since I dealt with almost three or four panic attacks a day about 15 years ago, I have been getting palpitations since then called PVCs...that have affected my MVP. Now, I just started having some episodes of disorientation for about seconds when I am outside my house, so I start getting panic attacks and so anxious that all I want to do is stay home. I should be thankful to have a family who is there for me, but nothing makes me happy lately. I lack energy, enthusiasm, and drive to do things for me. I feel like a zombie...I am hoping to find in your struggles and triumphs a way to overcome and control my own struggles.

Thank you for listening and for your presence in this forum. 



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  • bel_hope,  I too, suffer from GAD as well as Mitral Valve Prolapse and Fibromyalgia.  They kind of all go together, one bringing on the other.  Any support, I'm here for you. x

  • Hello Agora1, thank you for your support. I will be coming here often for that. It helps to have someone that can understand your symptoms. Thank you!

  • I suffer from pvc's pac's and nsvt been dealing with all these things for 34 year's the heart is stronger then you think. I have PTSD, gad, and panic disorder. Pvc's are a normal occurrence for me every day. Have you tried 400 mg of magnesium a day if not try it?? You can get it a Walmart or any pharmacy? Magnesium oxide it has worked to calm mine down. Welcome to the group and hope this can help you.

  • Welcome. I'm so very sorry for all your losses. I've suffered from anxiety for many years too. It is the worst. Have you tried or talked to your doctor about taking Magnesuim? I take it for anxiety and for my heart issue. I'm also taking Zoloft. This group is amazing!! 

  • Thank you! I have read about magnesium, but I haven't taken it yet. How many milligrams did you start with? I will try to look into that. It is awful to have to deal with this, so this group just might be my way out to pour out my heart to people who really understand that this is not something I want, that it just happens. 

  • I'm on 250mg once a day. It's really helped. Also have your Vitamin D level checked. 

  • This is all a culmination of everything that has happened to you.  Death of a close relative is truly awful, I nursed my Father and knew he was going to die, when he did it was a terrible shock and grief takes time to recover from, you will feel better as time goes on but you will have to take this day by day.  Your anxiety has got worse because of you losing your job and no doubt your confidence, this has made your other problems worse too.  I really feel for you, it is clear you do not want to be like this, I can only suggest that you try relaxation, you can download from the internet if possible or go and buy a tape.  This will help with all the horrible symptoms.  If you feel depressed go and talk to your doctor.  Try to explain to your family that you need their help and support, if you have the energy go out for a mile or two walk, fast walking will help too.  Remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you will get better.  Hope I have been some help, love Helen xx😊😊😊

  • Thank you Helen for your kind words. I have tried relaxation techniques, therapy, medication, and it helps for a while, but whenever there are huge changes in my life I cannot cope with the stress and the anxiety and this onset all the symptoms. Excercising scares me sometimes thinking I'm going to have palpitations if I get out of breath. This is just an awful thing to deal with. But I do too have hope and believe that one day things will be better. Even if it sounds like almost impossible right now. Thank you for your support!

  • I suffer with anxiety I have been taking magnesium citrate, magnesium taurate & glycinate is supposed to help as well not sure the best one, adrenal test is an idea as well, if cortisol is too high that can cause panic so I have read anyway, a good book I am reading 'at last a life' by Paul David  worth getting from Libary! Hope you get better soon ! 

  • Thank you for your recommendations. I will try the magnesium. I have read multiple times it works but never tried it. Thank you for listening and your support!

  • Well I feel it has for me but research it, also I take b complex b6 has something to do with anxiety , I have got doctors next week I am going to ask for a check on cortisol level as when that is high, that's when anxiety will be worse ., i know how scary it is! I have stopped alcohol as well as I think that plays a part, it takes all your vits /minerals away, hopefully no can keep that up 😁😁😁 good luck !!!

  • Hi, I suffer from anxiety and depression and stress. Only got diagnosed with all this just over a year ago, but reckon it has been going on for a few years. I'm on medication for the depression, have worked with a psychologist that I had to pay for privately as I was not impressed with the NHS psychiatrist service as it was loccums at the time and I was seeing a different person just about everytime I went, it made me feel like I was making no progress as I have to start all over again and tell everything again to the next on I saw. All I wanted was to keep moving forward to rehashing everything. Anyway, I have bee gradually working through things with various exercises and techniques. I hate the panic attacks I've had and even hung up on a few people on the phone cause of the attacks. Feeling much now that I was this time last year, although I still have days where I can't leave the house.

    As well as taking the medication, I have cut refined sugar from my diet, some days better than others I have to admit but getting there. Increased my fresh vegetable intake also and cut out alcohol altogether.

    Trying to get regular exercise or at least out in the garden everyday, weather permitting of course.

    Recently I started using essential oils and that has been a great boost to everything else that I have been doing. I gave a sample of one of the blends I have to a friend who has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for most of her life and she was impressed about how calm it made her when she was having a bad day. I know they have helped me a lot and I use them everyday now along with my other techniques and of course my medication. I hope to eventually come off my anti-depressants and just managed with a good diet and the essential oils. :-D

    I hope you find the help you need here or at lease some ideas for things you may not have thought of. I've certainly found things easier to cope with knowing that the forums are here and I can speak to people going through similar situations cause at times my family doesn't understand. I come from a Scottish family where the tradition is that you give yourself a shake and just get on with it. If only it was as easy as that. :-D

    Take care and welcome.

  • Thank you for all your suggestions. My family has the same belief, so that's what I found this forum a great way to speak up my mind and emotions. I have never heard of the essential oils effect in your health, but I love talking to people at my health store, so I will ask. I know that refined sugars are not healthy, so I also have stopped eating them. I have even consider cutting in carbs, but my stomach gets upset with the nerves and the only thing I can tolerate is crackers and a piece of bread with soup...Unbelievable how your mind affects your body. I have thought about starting Yoga...has anybody here has had any positive experiences with Yoga or Pilates?

    Thank you so much! I wish you the best too...and just take a deep breath whenever you feel the PA is coming...

    Take care.

  • Thank you. Essential oils are great. I use lavender and cederwood in a diffuser at night to help me sleep. I also use a citris fresh blend with peppermint oil in to morning as I find it up lifting and I have another blend that I use on my stomach when I have an upset stomach. I have another blend which I use on my pulse points and back of my neck when I go out to keep me calm, that helps with the PA. I always therapeutic grade oils so that I know that they are pure and have no artificial chemicals in them.

    I am replacing all my cleaning products with essential oil blends to remove as many chemicals as I can from my day to day life. Hopefully this will all help me be healthier and help with the anxiety and depression as well. :-D

    Take care.

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