Went to the E R anyway. I'm so sad

I hate anxiety so much. They wouldn't even do any test for GI issues. They just said pretty much I need to get my life sorted out and get on some medication.

I'm so upset. I feel like so depressed. I've never felt so depressed, I feel like no one will help me

I'm trying everything I know to get better. I hate anxiety, I hate panic attacks. My life is so horrible because of this disorder and nothing is helping me.

Who can really help us anyways. Not doctor's.. not therapist. We can only help ourselves... it's just being strong enough to look anxiety in the face and say I've had enough of you, you are not controlling my life


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  • So sorry to feel that way I also have that feeling like I don't think the people who don't have anxiety can understand how we feel not even doctors I end up in ER many times and honestly I am scared to go there i always go home and feel so embarrassed and depressed I don't expect from them to do miracles and send me happy home but at least don't make me feel like fool or crazy. And now doesn't matter how bad I feel or in pain I am I just can't go there.i am so glad I found this support group and people who can understand and help me be OK till the next day. Take care and be strong .

  • I know exactly how you feel. Like they don't understand like it takes everything in me to make myself go pretty much and then they just treat me like what I'm going through is nothing.

    Even though I know theres really nothing they "can do" at least they could be little bit more understanding

  • Call me at 7733318844

  • A therapist can help you get it sorted out. You can get reassured that what u r feeling is normal. That helps me.

  • Thank you. I went to a counslor for awhile and he didn't really seem to help. I may need to look around again

  • Elizabeth, the last sentence in your post about looking anxiety in the face and making your life bigger than “it” is the exact attitude that will see you recover. It may not happen overnight but it will happen. Stop fighting it and allow your anxiety to show itself in all its glory and do absolutely nothing about it. It feeds on your trying to get rid of it. Learn to accept it and it will disappear.

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