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Anxiety morning Ill

My main issue is morning sickness, it doesn't matter I sleep 1 hr , 3 or 6...whenever I wake I feel very ill t some days in I fight threw it a and im ok...the last 2 days have been better for me, mood goal was to fight the stress hormone with laugher and enjoyment and thankfully I was feeling well enough to laugh it up ....but tonighti in woke with it as usual and having trouble kicking it...about to try and go back to sleep for a few hrs since I can't sleep more than3-4 generally lately ....if I could just wake normal then my wholes stress will would be easier and kick this disorder but I'm stills fighting it or trying ton gnome I it use the system.... Sleep always used ton reset me and make me feel better but not lately ....stress hormones are a bitch..maybe my adderal gland is messed up and producing lots im thinking...or I have some other damage ...that can stress me equal to a pregnate woman...

*cant sleep more than 3-4 hrs

Wake up sick to always like cortisol is running though my veins

The way I lookat the body is this, if a blind person can see from attaching a electrical camer to the brains....f the brain can figure that out...then we can figure this out just fine....the human brain is very powerful that's why we have he's problems to begin with.

The goal is to attack the system by reverse engineering I..when I feel stressed or feel things with my body just laugh and think positive...harder said then done but it did works on cure my panics nod anxiety disorder some 10 years ago....but difference now for Me is I have real physical body feelings that keeps i kicking me back in the loop...but at some point they will either go away or be ignored. Either way it hats my system I'll be using. You can control your brain orb let it control yo néed to know How ard takes time. Cortizol can cause stress and laughter and happiness can create dopamine and all the others order chemicals of the brain. thst bring u joy. Everything in the universes works in reverse compatble syntax.

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Yes I often suggest people watch funny videos on YouTube I really enjoy stand up comedy or those hidden camera shows. It can really take your mind of things and make you feel better and sometimes hope :))

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Hi. Sorry you are suffering like this. I do understand. Mornings have always been a problem for me too. I wake up thinking about my health issues and wonder what I'm going to feel like today...and of course people with health anxiety think the worst.

First off I think that you are "fighting"tha anxiet as you mentioned. Unfortunately that will only make matters worse. You need to float through the feelings and use positive self talk such as "this is just anxiety, it will go away it always does." Dont concentrate so deeply on fighting it. You are stressing your mind and for me makes my symptoms worse. I'm dealing with a plugged ear for 8 weeks and two drs now. I go back on Wednesday to the ENT who scaredme last time by saying well I'll have to do a procedure to be sure something isn't vrowing in there! TERRIFIED me! I'm thinking all kinds of horrible things especially since my neighbor just died last week of brain cancer!

You are right the mind is very powerful and can wreck our daily lives. Sadly I've been working on this most of my life. My Aunt, and mother were the same way. I often wonder if it's hereditary gene.

Anyway, when you can't sleep read something that won't be upsetting. Reading makes you sleepy and will take your mind off yourself. We tend to focus on ourselves and our physical feelings a lot.

Anyway, you are not alone...hang in there.

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