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If im waking up every morning feeling ill is it definitely anxiety?

I am waking up early every morning tossing and turning my nose Blocked and clicking in my ears I feel really sick like I'm going to vomit I sometimes get a dry mouth and I feel hot and sweaty my belly gurgles my head feels heavy and food just knocks me sick is anxiety always worse in the morning or is it not anxiety causing me to feel soooooo I'll. Really need some reassurance :-(

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This happens because of lack of better sleep!!

You will feel all these only those mornings when you had rough night otherwise you would feel great!!


I must have lack of better sleep every night then it is constantly every morning and can sertraline also make me be feeling worse only just started them 5 days ago xxx


Yes the meds are probably making you feel this way


Had so many doctors telling me to keep up with the meds and don't quite them but I think I have mainly generalised anxiety but mainly health anxiety as it is the only anxiety where you can be Shaking constantly every day I am going to keep at the meds and see wether they work they say you have to wait 6 weeks to get the full affect from them if something was to happen from these meds it would have happened by now and had all of the support that I need from paramedics and pleanty of wonderful doctors advice that I can phone if I need any advice at anytime of the day had some lovely reassurance xxx


Unfortunately the meds di give bad side effects for the first 2 weeks then they slowly get better and between 4-6weeks you should see improvement. If you can stick with them do it I couldn't get through it but I really wish I could maybe I would be better by now. I am terrified to try again as they made me feel 100 times worse then I wa initially.

I hope you get relief soon xx

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Thankyou and yeah they are making me feel 100 times worse the only thing that is keeping me on them is the support I am getting off all the doctors and that I know I can get hold of them when ever I need to xxxx


dude please try to handle this situation without pills that would be better if you can!

And that will give you permanent solution!!

Meds they just keep anxiety contained!!

When you stop the meds it will come back like hell!!

This may vary depending so many situations and also person to person!!

But just try to do it without pills!1

And hope you will try to do that!


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