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Anxiety is making me so ill

Here goes I started getting ill 18 months ago i was due to go on a family holiday to Mexico with my 2 kids and hubby the night before I went to bed and woke up with a lump in my neck which set me of in panic it wouldn't go then I couldn't breath properly,

We flew the following morning the full flight and holiday was a nightmare I come home after 2 weeks and it got worse and worse to the point I had to give up work my chest pains were so bad the in June this year I had picked my kids up from school and my heart was pounding my chest was crushed I couldn't see couldn't breath walk rang a ambulance and I was having a svt since this day my life got worse I ended up diognoised with svt anxiety and depression and 4 weeks ago I attempted suicide I'd had enough my symptoms are daily chest pain disrealization.foggy head breathless muscle twitches vision changes headaches feeling of doom convinced I'm dieing help

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I am so sorry your anxiety has got so bad that you felt like the option was not to be here any more and this alone says you really need help

Are you getting any kind of therapy or on medication , you need to maybe be having both and I urge if you are not to see your Doctor and get these things put in place

I know that at the moment you may feel there is no way you will ever feel any different to how you feel now but believe me you will , it takes time and yes it can feel exhausting and a daily battle but you will win this and you will get there

Keep talking with others as everyone knows in this Community how anxiety feels as we are suffering or have suffered and I hope knowing you are not on your own will help in a small way :-)

There is a post pinned to the side of the page with all helpful telephone numbers , I will put the link on so you can have a look and if you ever need any of them please use them , there are people that are there to help :-)

Take Care x


Hi thank you for ur msg I am currently under a physician risk and just started medication but my physical symptoms won't go away I hate the feeling of being in a dream everyday disconnected from my body faint feeling it get to mush iv had this 18 months. It's good to no there's support out there and nice ppl to understand me have to still got anxiety or are you better now xx

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It does take time believe me , and the more we question "why" it feeds the anxiety , if we can accept for now we are ill but we will get better it gives our bodies and minds the rest that they need as anxiety puts us through so much

You really are not alone with how you feel , look at how may have joined this Community because they are struggling dealing with anxiety and the way it makes them feel , if you had been diagnosed with any other illness you would be kind to yourself and give yourself time to heal , this is no different from any other illness in the way our minds need time to heal and when they do the physical symptoms will slowly disappear

You can do this , a day at a time , it is not a race , but any tiny little steps you make see as a positive :-) x


Aw thank you it's really helps to here I can get better I feel a failure to my kids I Carnt go out I'm house bound I think I'm riddled in cancer I hate feeling this way x


You are not a failure to your kids , they love you , you are their Mum and they love you just the way you are

Anxiety likes to tell us all these things because that way it can keep a hold of us and slowly we have to re train our way of thinking so it does not have the power and then you will see you are the only Mum those kids will ever have and just how much you mean to them despite what you are going through

I brought 3 kids up with anxiety and they are now all adults and it has not affected them and they are all very successful adults , but now they are grown up they have always said they knew I was not well but I was still a good Mum and it would have ruined their life's for ever had I not been about so believe me your kids want you here no matter what !

You have been in hospital if you had cancer they would have picked it up and not be treating you for anxiety again this sounds like Health Anxiety you are suffering and it is trying to keep hold and in control but with all the support you can get you will get the control back and life will slowly get better :-) x


See my post about this book:

It is really helping me

Prayers and peace to you. You are fine and this will pass. You must keep moving through it. I found this book's advice about my anxiety coming from my repressed emotions is true. The more I let them out, the more the anxiety goes away.


Thank you I'll have a look what the book called ?


Hi so sorry you felt like that , it gets so overwhelming the physical symptoms of anxiety it's scary! you just seem to get in control of 1 an start to believe it's anxiety then another is shot in messes your head up totally , always here to help in anyway, take one day at a time xx


Aw thank you yeah it's horrible waking up this way everyday and feeling your not incontroll of your mind I hope it will pass other wise what have I got to look forward to x


I know exactly what you mean from the moment I wake up its there ! mental torture of what ifs! And trying to be strong is so hard when I could just sit and cry most days , but I do have the odd good days when I get the strength up to push it away and go out and do something because I want to have a life and be happy , that's my aim we can do it ! one day at a time xx


Thank you for your advice it's making me so ill I carnt go out the house or even get out of bed wen I do I go weak and faint my heads so messed up I feel in a dream everyday I need my life bk x


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