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Stomach illness from anxiety?


Hey fellow friends. Can anyone share their stranger, less talked about symptoms from anxiety. I've come a long way in the past eight weeks. Even yesterday I felt like good old me in the afternoon and had zero stress on my body or mind. I felt like I used to months ago. This morning at work my strange stomach ache came back. I didn't eat anything just one cup coffee. Like I said, I don't get panic attacks any longer and my heart rate was good. Is there other underlying symptoms of anxiety that can be causing my stomach to constantly feel nauseous? I've been to the gastroenterologist but they say maybe IBS. I take a probiotic and align for fiber. I get constipated twice per month. Seems all doctors want to chalk any symptoms up to anxiety, even though my heart is at ease and I don't feel stressed because of life or work. I feel stressed because no one can figure out why my stomach is always upset. I had a celiac test last year and came back not allergic. Also did a stomach ultrasound and all ok there. I feel defeated because I feel awful for no reason at all.

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Titan there comes a time that once all tests come back negative that we need to figure out what we are doing that causes the symptoms to come back. You said that you didn't eat. Is that for the whole day at work? You also said you only had one cup of coffee. Whether regular or decaf the oil from the coffee beans can be very upsetting especially on an empty stomach. Think about what else you do that can promote the nauseous feeling. You may not be getting full blown anxiety attacks any more but can still be having a nervous stomach due to stress in your job. When we are nervous internally, we tend to swallow more often, swallow air and producing air bubbles which can be painful as well as produce an upset stomach.

So once again it doesn't have to be a physical reason for how you are feeling but a psychological one. There's always a reason we feel off, sometimes had to recognize. Let us know what happens tomorrow at work.

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Thanks so much, Agora! I'm at that crossroad now where I'm realizing it's time to give up the doctor visits. You're right, I don't have full blown panic attacks but still get uneasy feelings. In the past I struggled with some IBS symptoms that made me run for the bathroom after eating in public. Soon this turned into a pattern and I've only been eating once per day and sometimes go for 24 hours without eating. I'm going to see a therapist soon as my recent doctor visit suggested it after testing for thyroid and seeing my lengthy history of visits to health specialists. I will get through this. It's my mission this year to get mentally healthy again.

You may have everything sorted but subconsciously your brain can be thinking "am I going to be ok today" amongst other things which can cause you to feel nauseous. I get lightheaded for no reason and I have had everything checked out and I'm not even stressed or worried just normal yet I still get it. Don't question it just go with it. I had terrible nausea and it was from reflux which I never get so I took some tablets and it settled it almost immediately and never had it since.

Thanks for the reply, Anxious. Sending positive vibes your way that your health improves! It's funny (not really) how in the past two weeks I've swapped symptoms from anxiety. My brain fog and rapid heart rate went away but now I'm clenching my jaw all the time and my stomach, well you know. Shortness of breath is brutal lately, too. Nights and weekends can be tough as I live alone and am associating things with my past attacks and psyching myself out. I appreciate you sharing and caring!

Trouble is we just get over one symptom then we worry about other symptoms. I have learnt that every symptom is anxiety as I have had it before so I don't give it any attention. The more you ficus innit the worse it gets. Try to shift your focus onto something else. Distract your thoughts and way of thinking by focussing on say a game or a to show or a good book. It takes it away from the issue like your nausea. I suggest eating 3 meals a day as if you are only eating once a day that would only increase your nausea. Goodluck X

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