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Just feel so ill this morning with this awful anxiety..Does anyone else feel the same thing with it

I dread every morning because I feel so ill ..I get tummy troubles so bad, I can hardly walk...It always seems to be in the morning that is the worst time...I take a diazapam at 6.00 every morning hoping that will kick in to calm me and drink lots of water for fear of dehydration due to about 4 bouts of tummy troubles within about an hour and this is every day,this happens...I am so fed up with it all that I was crying a lot yesterday..The only time I seem to get a rest from it is when I am asleep and that is if I get a good nights sleep...Where the hell has all this come from...It has wrecked my life...

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Hi Tudor,

I found peppermint tea really helped me when I get tummy troubles with anxiety. I thought at first this won't help herbal tea, but am glad to say it really worked well for me. I had told lots of friends about it and it seems to woke for them to, why not give it a try, and I hope it helps you to.

It can get very tiring when we feel like this and we me it sets off crying because I just feel fed up with it all, so you are not alone with feeling like this.

Hope the day gets better for you.

Gardener x


Hi Tudor, it a horrible feeling mine would be at night before I went to sleep and it an awful feeling. Peppermint tea is really good for tummy trouble, green tea or ginger are also good if you don't like mint.

I hope things get better today


Hi Tudor

Couple of web sites that might help you. Head Space which is based on mindfulness and is very helpful and

I to drink herbal tea my favourite is lemon and ginger:) xx


Sorry to hear your plight, Tudor. Although I can't add to the good advice in the above comments, I can empathise with you on your plight. Take care.

Love & Hugs x


hi,I get the tummy troubles,I wake up with nausea,and butterflies,most mornings,I take a motilium,after 20 mins I can eat my breakfast,it can come back during he day,and I just take another,I also take rescue remedy,these things work for me,but it is very annoying,I know its anxiety,as I jump at the slightest sound..hope this Miarose x


Thanks Miarose...Any tips will help..x


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