Anxiety is a REAL illness

To those of you feeling as though you should be able to "pull yourself together" understand that this Monster is an illness the same as AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Flu, Broken Limbs etc, it is NOT something we can just snap out of, it is not a Life Choice like taking so called Recreational Drugs, it very real and also has many Faces, tiredness, fatigue, shakes, fear, worry, panic, sweating, pains and the list goes on, it will lessen for a while and then come back and bite you on the bum, it will lull you into a false sense of security and return with a vengance, but still it can be overcome, we all have different ways of coping and via this site many people try to pass on help to others, sometimes this help is of more use than many other things are, the most difficult part may be understanding it because most of it makes no sense at all.

I have had this Monster visit me quite a few times in my Life, I truly believe we are set up for it to call by what happens when we are younger, even if some of it can't be remembered too well, I have had many traumas during my younger days and I have always been a bit "softer" than most men around me, more sensitive sometimes and I feel this is something this Monster feeds on, sensitivity. I don't for on minute think because anyone is more sensitive that they are weaker, that is foolish, though some people would have us believe that to be the case, I know that this Monster is beatable, I also know it will get me down sometimes more than others but I am going to rid my self of it and be "well" again one day I am sure, no doubt it will visit again and I will not be ready for it but I will persist until the day I die because I am unique and so are you, Chin up when you can, Forward too, when you can and on to better things for all of us soon, best anxiety free wishes to all.


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  • Hi anxman. Absolutely right. A thoughtful and inspiring blog. Jonathan.

  • Thank you Jonathan, all the very best to you and yours.

  • Hi well that's it you've saved me a job for the day I won't have to write a blog you've said it all it comes and it goes when it's tormented us for a while . Here's hoping we have more good than bad days wish you well in body and spirits Mel

  • Well said Anxman, very well said xxxxxxx

  • I needed to read this today Thank You

  • Me too

  • Thank you all and the very best wishes to you for better times soon.

  • Very thought provoking and reassuring, i think i speak for many when, while in the midst if the monster its very tricky to see the other side.

  • Exactly how I feel, after a month or so of being on top of things it all came crashing down today, it feels like total turmoil : (

  • it is reassuring to know that i am not alone as i have and do feel exactly the same at the moment. I just want to be me again and not this anxiety ridden person

  • Sorry to hear that Paul, it will settle extra good to yourself today hugs to you xxx

  • Thanks Ellabella, deep down I know it will but as you probably know yourself in the moment it is so hard to break free from x

  • Anxman thanks for this, I've just come on this site. I think the root of my own problems was undecipherable to me until I figured it was probably anxiety. I put my trust in professionals and a lot of people around me as I determined them to be 'normal', having a clear vision of how to respond to the situations I was disclosing. I sometimes feel that as a man there's a lot of pressure to be strong although I think the attitude seems to be softening. I do want to beat this though - it's just a shame it's taken so long for me to recognise it because I think it's what has made my life so much harder than it could have been

  • Well Said Anxman. I can understand where you are coming from. Take a deep breath and take your time. Best Wishes

  • Yes! To everyone out there, never surrender! You can do this!

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