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Sad Girl

Hello, im new to this and hoping i might be able to make some new friends and receive some advice.

Im a 20 year old female, Generally healthy, i about a year ago i started feeling really sick in the tummy and obviously more symptoms were occuring while eating foods and it kind of i guess gradually progressed and i didnt understand what was going on and it was making me very anxious and i guess thats when the anxiousness started becoming an issue. I went to the doctors and had a breath test done that came back positive with h pylori bacteria and so i finally the issues will be cleared, i went on the treatment for the bacteria, cleared it but still felt crap. Ended up getting a gastroscopy that cam back positive with gastritis and the doctor sent me away with somac. Well somac wasnt working for me, i wasnt taking properly either so i figured that was maybe why. I still felt crap, my anxiety was at an all time high with constant trips to emergency because i would have panic attacks there was something more serious. (Especially thinking it was something to do with my heart) i get heart pulpitations quite frequently and thats put down to stress. Ive had holter monitor, 24 minitor and ecg that all come have come back fine.

The doctor said for me to try nexium instead of somac and so i started that. First week in i started getting really bad arm and jaw pain, left arm predominantly and sometimes right, my back, jaw, neck and sometimes shooting pain in my left leg. The doctors said this was unrealted to the nexium but i had stopped anyway but the pains are still persisting and its been one month now. The pain is mostly in my left arm, neck and shooting pain in my jaw. I didnt know if maybe ive pinched something or what ive done but sometimes i feel it in other spots to so i doubt that ive pinched something. I cant tell if its my bones or muscle, doctor gave me anti inflammatorys if its muscle because the chest wall hurts at times too but they haven't helped either.

Finally im back on somac, have been for 2 weeks and i feel like its just masking the problem not fixing anything, tummy still bloated, burping, pain and nauseous.

Im also very sensitive to the hot weather as of lately.

And feel really fatigue, dizzy, brain foggy and like not with it i dont know if the anxiety could be the reason i have these spurts.

I just really want to know whats going on with me. Im in pain and i feel like im loosing myself.

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I am sorry to read of your bad times of late and you are only 20yrs old,please

seek more support from your doctor or family so you can feel better,find out if you need help with anxiety and keep at the doctor until they do something to really help you,try to eat healthy foods and try if you can to get proper sleep,relax and breath,take things one day at a time.

I really hope things change for you in the future,i mean you are so young and you have these problems,but i know you can get the help you need so you can move on with your life.

take care.


That is so lovely of you thank you so much

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you are very welcome,you can always come on this site and feel secure in the knowledge that you will ALWAYS get understanding on how you are feeling,so keep your chin up young one,things will improve over time.

Have a nice weekend.



I can sympathise with you. I'm 19 and have been suffering with issues with anxiety for a while. Its hard to try and find things to help. I'm at uni and sometimes it effects how I work, especially making my concentration very low making it difficult in lectures. I have quite a lot of support in place because I also have aspergers and most of the staff are really helpful which in turn helps my anxiety but I still sometimes feel that I'm struggling through each day more than enjoying each day. I hate it when people don't understand and think I'm trying to get out of doing things when I really don't want to do that at all. I always find it hard to figure out what's causing physical symptoms as I don't know what's caused by my anxiety. I sometimes get tingling sensation in my check and down my arms and I get pins and needles without reason. I also get pains down my arms and chest pains. I also have this twitch in a muscle in my neck which causes my head to suddenly move. I'm really worried that if I mention it to my doctor she'll just say it's due to my anxiety. If you ever feel like talking feel free to message me :)

Jade :) .


Hey Jade, I really appreciate you taking the time out to message me. Im so sorry to hear about what you're going through and can totally sympathise with you when you say that people dont understand and make think you're 'making it up'.

Its extremely hard when you dont have a support system either. My family knows about my anxiety but i dont think they fully understand how bad its becoming for me. My boyfriend used to suffer from it and he just thinks because he was able to snap out of it i will be able to aswell.

Ive contemplated anti depressants soo many times but can never bring myself to taking them. What stops me is my anxiety also, im afraid theyll just mask whats actually going on when i should just be learning to cope but im struggling. It sucks because theres no magic cure and theres not alot people can do or say to help at times.

i feel helpless and alot of the time feel guilty because sometimes its harder to be the person trying to help than the one going through it, so i try not to bother my family. But this is becoming difficult and i just wish i could put an end to it.


My doctor currently won't give me medication as I'm on amitryptyline, technically an anti-depressent but I'm on a very low dose because its for pain management of migrains not for anxiety. It's not usually the first choice for anxiety. Deciding whether to take medication is hard but I'm to the stage where I just want something to take the edge of things, I can deal with a certain amount as I'm used to it, its not easy but I can.

I'm lucky that I have a fairly good support network at uni, mainly because I also have aspergers and my mum is very supportive as she has suffered really badly in the past. It must be a lot harder without the support, I don't know how I would cope without it.


Yeah exactly right.

I just really need to learn how to cope with stress, i beleive that triggers ALOT of what im going through. Been really stressed today and keep having heart pulpitations, its freaking me out heaps. Its all just making me feel so depressed.


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