Why so many symptoms

Why dose anxiety have so many symptoms was having a good sleep and then woke up every time I closed my eyes a different pain would wake me arm pain back pain then racing thoughts now im up fell like crap .every day something different seems wrong with me been dealing with this for 4 years now its always worse in the winter when im not working .


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  • I know how u feel its like soooo many symptoms when one has cleared up its like the others tag team themselves in its so stressful its like it's never done but we cant give up we gatta stop trying.

  • Hi bj :-) anxiety has so many symptoms...it probably comes from what we know of certain illnesses like heart issues = arm and chest pain, breathing issues etc ....our brains are programmed to fight something or run away from something...anxiety is an invisible enemy so our brain tells our body to get rid of any sensations it doesn't need to fight/run away ....stomach ache = don't need bladder to fight its extra weight needs to be gone, tingly arms = don't need skin really so sends signals and causes tingly arms etc ...I hope this helps :-)

  • You can become over sensitized to your body, so a nasty circle forms and problems and medical conditions come to mind as possibly you would look up or read about a condition and think you have it.

  • I have been putting up with anxiety for about 10 years now, every day is a new day when my mind begins to self diagnose a new illness for me, I think its because its hard to accept that there's something wrong with you that you cannot see or explain, its almost a desperation of trying to find the reason why you feel the way you do. On good days I am able to simple tell me mind to"Shut the hell up" and carry on regardless, on bad days it gets the better of me and I start to feel like I'm going to die etc.

  • I know the exact feeling it is very frustrating I have been dealing with it on and off for 7 years I keep thinking im having a heart attack and I have so many on and off pains aches and everything else it just makes you scared to do anything we will get through it winter is always worse for me .

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