Hello everyone I could use a suggestion of whats wrong with me. I'm always constipated and get sharp anal pains randomly. I had a colonoscopy done and was found to be "healthy". Recently my stomach pains have been worse. I get pains on my side, my back, my chest, I get twitching all over my body. I have been recovering from anxiety for about a year and starting to feel weird again like something is just not right. I wouldnt worry so much but I am constantly in pain somewhere in my body. Doctors have not been a help for me. I also have a low grade fever as of today. Feeling under the weather. Also a few days ago I skipped dinner because when I eat my stomach starts to hurt and I felt so sick. Its like I have to constantly eat or else my stomach growls. Idk what to do with myself


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  • How long ago was it when you had the colonoscopy? Did you tell the dr about the same symptoms that you described in this post? I'm so sorry you are going through this...

    It 'could' be that you have IBS-constipation...and there is a separate site for this which I believe is helpful to many....but I know you said you have suffered from anxiety in the past and are feeling 'weird' again... and it sounds like it is triggered by your worry over your physical symptoms...

    Have you thought about seeing a different doctor??... I would do that, if I were you... because you deserve some sort of an 'explanation' as to what is causing your symptoms. Good luck to you.

  • I had a colonoscopy in june. I have been to many different doctors and the hospital numerous times :/

  • oh dear...well...sounds like you are doing your part in seeing enough doctors! I am well aware of this: (I am NOT criticizing you either! ) but the mind can produce almost ANY symptom... some of which actually 'materialize'...l So it could be that your focus and attention to what is going on, could be creating it. Been there. Done that. So NOT judging you or saying what you are feeling is not 'real'... I'm sure it is... but it still could be psychosomatic... Anyway, good luck to you! :)

  • Could be. Thank you!

  • Hi chey921,just read your post I am in the same boat feel my tummy causing havoc,,I never suffer with tummy it can feel sometimes like nervous tummy but last longer , then wondering if it's foods I eat or all the stress over the last year caught up with my tummy causing ibs , il try change a few things in my diet see if that helps.but it's the weirdest pain sometimes feels right up in my gut under my ribs very strange ,oh but just found out low in vit d and read cause stomach issues . Binkynoo

  • Could be a gluten allergy/sensitivity.

  • As a simple cure for constipation have heard that drinking lots of water may help

  • Bingo with your reply!! So true!! (and we know this doesn't mean the water in coffee, soda pop, or tea!) :)

  • Meant to say not a problem for me so don't really know about the water cure and I'm not a medic

  • Hmm this could be true I was feeling better months prior because I was going once a day. I was drinking lots of water because I was going to the gym on a daily basis. Now I barely drink water. I will change this.

  • So pleased that you think "water cure" might help Sometimes the old fashioned inexpensive way is best Although not a sufferer I realise must be uncomfortable -painful even. Good luck!

  • Sounds like to me you have pin worms or tape worms.. Look it up under long term exposure symptoms goodluck

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