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Hello guys! I am new here and I am seeking for advice on what to do next for my anxiety because I'm going through hell right now! About a month ago I suffered my first panic attack. I went straight to the ER and was given a shot to calm me down. After a couple of minutes I went home and slept. I didn't think too much of it but it was definitely a scary feeling since we all know how panic attacks feel like. Now here is my situation. About a week ago, and aprox one month after my 1st panic attack, in the middle of the night I got cold. My body temp dropped temendously. I felt a wave of anxiety hit me so hard! I began to get sweaty palms and feet. My anxiety went through the roof and I had to skip work the next day since I didn't even get any sleep. I felt like I was in hell! I also began to get stomach pains, feeling nauseous, and constably going to the bathroom to vomit but couldn't even if I wanted to. I thought I was just sick with the stomach flu. The next sevral days I felt fine! I was able to eat, go to the gym and hang out with friends until about three days ago 8/29 I started feeling anxious out of nowhere again. I felt so anxious that I couldnt sit and eat my food. Hers are some of The symptoms I felt that day:

-severe anxiety

-stomach pains

-Loss of apetite

-sweaty palms and feet

-feeling hopelessness (I actually cried)

-heart palpitations and vibrations in the back of my head

I couldn't take it anynore so ended up going to the ER again. During the time I had to wait I felt fine! But then i started feeling horrible again. My blood came back clean, pressure was ok, no fever, heart rate good. They couldn't find nothing wrong with me but I assured them that there was. I was feeling very anxious and I wanted the feeling to go away. I've never felt like this ever! I don't knownwhat to do! During the ER the nurse gave me Ativan to calm my nerves down and pepcide for the stomach pain since it might be an ulcer from the anxiety. I felt fine and relaxed after the meds. I was finally discharged after hours of being in the ER but next day I felt the same! I started to feel so anxious that I couldn't sit. It was sweaty palms and stomach pain all over again with loss of apetite. It's been three days that I am feeling like this. I feel hopeless like I'm never going to feel normal again. I was prescribed Lorazepam and Pepcide. My stomach has gotten better but it hurts because I can't eat! I want to eat but I can't swallow! I haven't taken the Lorazepam because I have a fear of benzos from the stories online and how addicting they can be. I have anxiety constantly throughout the day. Will this feeling go away? Can I do continue on like this without meds? I am constantly feeling the small viration in my head and I don't know why. Heart rate goes up and down randomly. I am starting to feel kinda better but it's only been a small improvement. Has anyone felt like this? Will this go away in time? I am willing to answer any questions! Thanks


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  • Hi. This is what anxiety does. I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist so that you can explain to him exactly how anxiety is affecting you and be prescribed the right medicine. It's worth giving the medicine a try because right now anxiety is crippling your life and you cannot function as you would like. Think about it this way, if you had a headache, would you not reach for an aspirin? In time your GP will slowly taper you off of the medicine as you work through your anxiety and learn coping strategies. Also, the ER is mainly for acute medical emergencies; they most likely do not have the time to deal with cognitive issues that require a lot more attention and time. Good luck

  • I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time. When you are somewhat new to anxiety, it is so hard to believe that it's actually anxiety. I was several years before finally actually accepting that anxiety was doing all of these strange things to me... Adrenaline rushes, brain fog, hot flushes, cold rushes, numbness, tingling... Over the past 7 years I've had it all.. And even last week was at the ER again for a new symptom, and yet again, it was anxiety. I am so proud of myself because I finally accepted medication and I feel much better after only 10 days. I just could not live like it any longer. My anxiety tends to come in spurts.. So I might be ok for a while, but then it would always come back.. My advice to you, is to hold off on the medication for a few days/weeks just to see if it'll pass. If not, I would suggest accepting the medication to help you through this time.

    There is such a bad stigma surrounding medication for mental health issues.. Please don't let that scare you. There are millions of highly functioning successful happy individuals living a normal life, who are taking medications. Hang in there!

  • I'm glad you are feeling much better on medication. After all, that's what it's all about. Feeling better and getting on with your life. Just knowing that anxiety has it's way of breaking through from time to time will help you to be prepared if and when the next episode should appear. When on medication, the anxiety should lessen. Continued success with feeling better. My best to you. x

  • Thanks so much angora!


  • I had the same exact problem. When it came down to anxiety, nothing really triggered it, it just appeared. But don't worry, it should only get better with time! I recommend taking the prescribed medication when you see this point of anxiety. what really helped me is that I told myself everything would be OK, think about the positives in life, not the negatives. I've been free from anxiety for about a year and half, and I hope I can help other people! Many of us have been through what you're going through, and trust me, it will get better with time. But right now I'd just do what the doctors say, and focus on the positives. I know it sounds cliche, "focus on the positives," but I really helps. Please respond if you have any more concerns, we all have you back!

  • I'd also maybe see a psychiatrist, that is probably a really good idea

  • Take your medicine. Only when you need it, that's what I do....

  • Hi, being cautious about medication is a great idea. But it means that you need to be supervised by your doctor and a psychiatrist both can assess how long you can stay on benzo. Benzo is addictive over long term use. However, since you are showing signs of anxiety, there are better medication than a benzo to address the issue. As well, what I learned the hard way is the importance of a clean diet, which means as well, no alcohol, at least not even a drop on a daily basis, you can make it the exception. Trust me, I was never a big drinker and only drank red or white wine but had to totally stop. No refine sugar, if you are having stomach issue, your diet definitely needs to be looked at anyway and I would avoid gluten. People with high anxiety may have had in the past, (it is my case) too many prescription of antibiotics and it has affected my guts so I am now gluten intolerant though not celiac. Also, people with high anxiety, at least, it is my case, have had a poor childhood environment and high level of stress hence, we have not learned how to relax, let alone how to look after ourselves. So, learning how to take time away form our electronic device and go for a walk, learning how to meditate, even for 10 minutes per day. The day I don't meditate, I can tell the difference, I feel more edgy and less in control of how I feel. Exercise everyday. As far as supplements are concerned, people with high anxiety, usually are nutrients deficient especially if you are having problem eating. So need some blood work to check iron, ferretin, b12, folate, vitamin D3, thyroid blood panel to see if you are deficient. B12, folate and d3 are very important as they affect your general well being. People with anxiety are also more prone to be deficient in magnesium which is an important mineral for relaxation and help to relax the muscle, including the heart. People with poor eating habits, are deficient in magnesium. Above all, these feelings will pass, two days ago, I had such a bad day and was crying and feeling so miserable, what I hang to is the fact that beyond that gray cloud forming in your mind, there is blue sky. One word about Pepcid, I don't know what it is but I assume it is an antiacid. You need first to be checked if you have low or high acidity. I have low acidity and it will give the same symptoms as high. So in my case, I am not saying it is true for you, I need to increase my level of acidity to avoid burping and burning feeling so I take lemon juice with water in the morning along with my b12 and my breakfast. Take care and trust the universe, it will get better.

  • Sounds very much like panic disorder and GAD. If you don't want to take meds I suggest you go to a therapist and also read a book called DARE it helped me a lot. It tooks about not fearing the fear and symptoms trust me it will help. You need to accept you have panic and anxiety and nothing more. You will be ok but your only one month in if you can get to that mind set now you will recover sooner. I didn't believe my doctor for more then a year before I finally decided to stop obsessing about my health and I got a hold of the DARE book. I'm not 100% yet and I still have bad days but that's beacause I put my nervous system through hell for over a year and it's still recovering. I wish you all the best

  • You really need to see a therapist asap, I go twice a wk for depression. Severe anxiety and panic attacks , stomach gets upset, bad direaha, it's awful didn't go to work yesterday. It takes time to o change your thinking and self image. Therapist is also working with my dr to help get me on right med, effexor I'm on lowest dosage dr just switched me to çelexa, the other one horrible. I listen to stress relief nature music anytime I can and when I go to sleep, and doing the anxiety and phobia workbook.the book is helpful, I also got some coloring pencils and adult coloring book love heart and very good therapy anything that distracts you. I also got a find a word book good for your mind and anxiety. Also don't forget to do your breathing exercises, try to eat healthy and do some sort of expertise everyday. I am morbidly obese I was told by my therapist to go to Overeaters Anonymous it helps with all eating disorders and is free

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