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Kinda scared :(

Hey Guys :) First time posting here :))) Recently i Had pressure in my head... dont know what trigger it but its not a good feeling ... anyways went to ER yesterday cuz i was so scared if im having a heart attack or sumthing like that... I was feeling shortness of breath and kinda dizzy... But had blood work yesterday and xray which was all was ok... Just a little high blood cuz i was scared and anxious ... So yeah... Been suffering these feelings for almost 3 months now... ive searching a lot through internet... so i get more scared and such ... Is there anyway i can treat this... im

Trying my best to thing positive but my mind race negative thoughts so yeah its kinda annoying.... :)

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Hi I think it's time you went and spoke to your doctor,explain all your symptoms and feelings and listen to their advice and if necessary take the medication they prescribe but be warned that meds will have side effects and often make you feel worse before making your anxiety better.Try not to google every symptom you perceive as this often leads to you believing that's what's happening. Most of all you need to find some help before it goes to far and the best place to start is your doctor. Hope you feel better soon


Pls reply if you still get this msg


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