I went to the hospital like 4 days ago my cat scan came out good my blood work to everything was okay thank god. Ihad gon for swaying and off balance . but now im scared cause my right leg falls asleep and idont know if its normal cause its only that leg the doc also told me it could be my thyroid can that be the problem of the leg pls helpp!! Im scared😭😭😭


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  • Hello. It seems like you may have some tests to go through yet if your doctor thinks you have a thyroid problem. My sister had a thyroid problem which went on for years before she was operated on, so I can tell you that there is nothing to be scared of. Pain in your leg may be caused by the thyroid problem or it may be something else like muscle pain or even dehydration. In addition you also have an anxiety problem - which may or may not be adding to your discomfort. The tests your doctor will order will make things a lot clearer for you. But in the meantime dont worry - all of those things can be treated very easily and successfully :-)


  • Thank youu madde me feel so muchh better(:

  • Thanks for the answer (: im going to get checked for my ears 😊

  • Mine do all the time like i swallow lol and they pop.

  • Mine only happens when i swallow or like when i eat i can hear a pop cause i open my mouth lol and really idident know that /.\its cause my doc said its bad ro clean your ears so i havent just the outside and around i was like i clean my ears everydaylol

  • Yea thats what freaked me out so i just stopped and idont cover my ears when i shower 😱

  • I will so all this off balance could just be that ?/.\ i mean its not severe its slight but ir Jas its days sometimes

  • Wow that is so crazzy and i know it really sucks i had mine for almost a month but i had to put up with and just walk around go out and stuff /.\i fell under major depression and anxiety

  • Could be but even when idont think of it its still yhere so idk if its my anxiety :(

  • Ill try not too (:

    Thanks for the answers ifeel much better 😊

  • This is random lol but. Igot on the elevator on got off and my feet felt super heavy like i was till on the elevator 😭it freaked me out 😱😭

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