Will this ever end 😩

I have health anxiety! I'm so paranoid there's something wrong with me πŸ˜” I've had a complete blood test, a celiac blood test, blood sugar test, urine test, a pelvic exam and I'm still convinced there is so,etching wrong with me in my anxious mind! Surely if there was something wrong something would have popped up during these tests!? I need to get off this roundabout! I started cbt 2 weeks ago and in those 2 weeks I've been fine until today I can't believe I can convince myself that I'm ill and no one can find it!! its so draining 😌😌


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  • Hi. The post you have written is a perfect example of the thoughts and feelings of someone who has anxiety disorder/sensorimotor compulsion. You list the tests you had - all negative - yet you have this feeling that maybe they missed something. There are many people on this site who understand exactly what you are feeling as we are going through, or have gone through,the same thing. The thoughts and feelings about your health are almost certainly caused by your anxiety.

    I was interested in your experience with cbt - what happenede today that made you feel like you are back to square one again. There will have been a trigger. Identifying the trigger it will help you to avoid it. As for the therapy - I am not surprised you have had a bit of a stumble. It is too early to expect a 'cure' after just two weeks. It may take many many weeks or months, and in some cases, even years to have the desired effect. But stick with it - therapy is by far the most successful method of treatment for anxiety/ocd/sensorimotor compulsion. I know it is a bit disappointing when we seem to take a step back - but you will also have great victories in this battle if you can stick with the treatment.

  • Thank you so much for your reply! Here's my day I went to the garage to have my car fixed with my cousin went for breakfast lots of laughter.. I came home and read the news online as soon as the news came up someone died in there sleep another died from breast cancer in my head I have breast cancer & im going to die in my sleep.. I felt a muscle pain and now in my head my muscles are dying! It's torture I've not cried for a while but I went for it today and I felt better for 5 minutes! I'm 100% going to stick with my cbt because she's taught me to challenge my thoughts which I did eventually but it's such a scary place to be x

  • Indeed it is scary - but I am happy to hear you are brave enough to carry on with the therapy. Your post clearly highlights why you stumbled a bit today - you made a connection between a death from breast cancer and your own belief that you have breast cancer. I am sure that you have already had tests for breast cancer and they have been negative. But sometimes the ocd side of health anxiety will keep on putting an idea in our heads regardless of actual evidence. And that is what the therapy will help you break - the learned behaviour needs to be unlearned. It sounds funny if I say its good that you cried - but I think you know what I mean by that. The crying has provided an emotional and physical release of the tension you had built up. I wish you well with your continuing therapy.

    Karl x

  • I've not been to the doctor about my breast cancer fear yet I'm trying to avoid the doctor because I have been doing so well πŸ™ˆ Onwards and upwards for me now I will be the old me again πŸ’ͺ🏽 x

  • I can totally relate to you. I hae health anxiety big time as soon as i hae a headache boom.. Brain tumor or cancer chest pain boom heart failure it sucks so much...

  • It happens to me every time I read the news πŸ™ˆ If someone's got cancer I've got it if someone dies I'm going to die! It's horrible I check y up,she every night I don't know why I do it because that's not going to help me! I've been really good for 2 weeks since starting cbt so hopefully I can sort this out and get back on track! I've had brain tumours and cancer in my anxious mind I went to the doctors 5 times in 1 week before πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ x

  • Check my pulse every night**

  • Your not alone believe me I been there

  • Thankyou so much x

  • i have severe health anxiety .. only the other end of the coin to you... i avoid the doctors am terrified its going to be bad news... not been well for a while and terrified to go... its awful i cant control my self, the health anxiety is that bad along with the fear.. its totally broken my world.... ur not alone x

  • I avoid the doctors too. I feel anxious as soon as i make an appointment. If i went everytime i felt ill i would be there everyday

  • You should step out of your comfort zone and go see the doctor and ask to be put in for cbt! Honestly the best thing I've done since having anxiety and it's helped me a lot I still got a long way to go but we can do this 😘

  • hey jess my cbt starts next week i cant wait xx

  • Good luck it's amazing honestly!! X

  • snap!! soon as i make appointment tbr fear sets in ... terrified ... anxiety is through the roof and my emotions ...its awful !

  • I too have severe health anxiety and am terrified of doctors. I've had it off and on for over 20 years now and it's no joke!

    Any news item about illness or even a TV drama in a hospital will set me off, and God forbid I actually meet someone who is ill. I have to know every symptom and then I start having some of the symptoms too (or realise I've had them for a while and not noticed).

    Then off I go to my too-good friend Dr Google just to confirm the worst and frighten the hell out of me even more.

    I know it's HA playing up and never to consult the good doctor Google but still I do it.

  • I read on the news yesterday about a lady dying from breast cancer as soon as I seen it I thought in my head I have that too!! It's been playing on my mind since yesterday so iv booked an appointment for today to get them checked. When I'm at home I'm literally walking round going out my head with worry as soon as I get an appiontment I calm down because I know I'm seeing the doctor. I feel so bad because there's people that actually need the doctor and I know I shouldn't be going but I do 😩!! Google is the enemy my therapist told me that all the bad things come up first because us with health anxiety are always searching for the worst possible thing so it makes those pages popular! X

  • I have health anxiety to its horrible tonight I feel really dizzy and I keep having like zaps and a warm burning feeling on my head am scared it's horrible what is people on for this docs want me to take propanolo but am scared too xx

  • Hey hope your okay 😘 I have the dizziness and zaps to usually in my head!! I don't take any medication I'm scared too! I started cbt a couple weeks ago and it works wonders would recommend it 100% x

  • I have been waiting 2 months and I phoned today again and they said if I don't hear nothing by the end of February phone th the wait is long x

  • Omg! Jess1989 we are like twins lol you have just described me haha.

  • πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š haha it's a joke ain't it! I have a sore throat and a cold now! I can feel a lump in my throat I'm sure it's a gland but in my head it's cancer 😁 Fml xx

  • Tonight the white part of my eye is red so I'm here thinking brain tumour or I'm gonna lose my sight.

  • I just read your post! I have blood shot eyes in the corner I thought it was brain tumors too πŸ˜‚ Is your eyes dry? Xx

  • Jess, just read some of your messages, how you feeling tonight?

  • I'm okay thank you I've been really good past 2 weeks but I read something on the news that freaked me out if I don't laugh about it I'll cry πŸ˜‚!! I've even doctors today they always help me and put my mind at rest x

  • It's really hard I've never had this before, just want to get back to normal! Hope things continue to get better for you x

  • Do you have health anxiety? X

  • Yeah think so, I've had a lot of different tests over the months. It's been a tough time! Been to the doctors and hospital loads like some crazy woman x

  • It's horrible isn't it especially when no one understands you.. I only got it a few months ago so doc started me on cbt straight away! I thought I was crazy too but we're okay 😊 X

  • Yeah they are dry I use some eye mist I just spray it on my eyes and its supposed to make them abit more moist dont think its working tho. x

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you'll be okay! Maybe some sleep will help xx

  • My kids dont let me sleep they think its playtime at 1 in the morning haha. X

  • Mine still up now over taking my bed on his iPad πŸ˜‚ X

  • I sound like some mad woman repeating the same thing to my kids everynight Ill be saying turn the ps3 off and go to sleep school in the morning and they are like ok mummy then 15 mins later they are still playing it im sure I am talking to the wall lol. Xx

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mines not at that age yet I'm hoping he'll fast asleep like now! Not gunna happen tho! X

  • Mines 2 and 5 my baby girl normally just chucks the control around the room in a temper tantrum lol. X

  • Goodnight all, sleep well x

  • Night 😘 X

  • Night night. Xx

  • Ah lol I feel literally the exact same and have been to the er 5x this eek out of worry. It will end. Stay strong and positive... it takes time sweetie

    God bless xo

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