Does it ever get better?

I don't want to go into a rant but I'm at that stage this morning where I'm just starting to wonder when it gets better...I'm not a bitter person but I can see myself going that way watching everyone else get on with life but everyday my mind thinks it's my last. I'm 27 years old! I should be enjoying my life but instead I'm in a hole I can't see myself getting out of.




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  • Hello.

    I believe it does get better, you can get out the hole - I've recently had the best couple of years of my life which began when I was 27 - just have to be wary that the hole doesn't go away and can easily be fallen into again through constantly ignoring the early warning signs as I did. I'm currently clawing my way out now with the clear goals of taking a small break away from the kids and getting on a horse before I'm 30. I've had good times and I want them back...and now I've got the added lesson of not ignoring myself - I can identify with bitterness, I spent many years beating myself up - if only I did not go into school ill, I should have gone back home if I did not go then I would not have had that panic attack and my life would have been perfect...You will get out of that hole and you don't have to fall back in again


  • Somewhere in the back of my mind is a voice saying it will all get better but right now I just can't see it. Every day I put up with chest pain, heart palpitations, ardreneline rushes, feelings of my heart vibrating but I just try and get on with my normal day, going to work, seeing friends, that sort of thing and I see everyone else no worrying about if they are going to snuff it or not and I do. I'm just feeling major sorry for myself today :-(


  • It comes and goes so you will feel better soon x

  • I hope so, I've been in this hole now for the best part of 3-4 weeks with maybe one normal day in all of that. X

  • Hey Ashley it will do and has to get better. I'm in a similar situation with just getting in with things going out and trying to enjoy myself. It's been a struggle this last few weeks. Things are gonna improve they've got to. :)

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